McGill Engine

By Shafaq Nami   While many engineering students are aware of services such as the McGill Engineering Student Centre (MESC) and the Engineering Career Centre (ECC), the Engine remains somewhat of a mystery to most. Its name gives no clue except that it is a vital gear in the Faculty of Engineering machine at McGill.



10 Interview Tips and Tricks

By Stylianos Mavromatis 1. Always have a smile on your face and greet with a strong firm handshake. 2. Do your research before going for an internship interview. Know what the company is working on and have in mind ways that can help the company go forward. 3. Prepare for common interview questions. Not only can


Neuralink: the future of Computer-Brain interface

By Celia Hameury   From the Borg in Star Trek to Robocop, brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) have long been featured in science fiction. However, with technology rapidly changing and improving, BMIs may soon be a reality. At least, if everything goes according to plan for Elon Musk’s latest company, Neuralink.   Founded in 2017 by billionaire