The Month of the Moustache

By Shaun Lalani Every year, in the month of the first snow, millions of men around the world – some in their thirties and some who get up early – unify and decide to partake in a strange custom which transcends space and time. Yes, I’m talking of course, about the enigmatic tradition that is



FB @ McGill 101 : Intro To Facebook Groups At McGill

By Amine Mallek Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering of McGill University. You’ve worked hard to get here, congratulations! This orientation week will introduce you to your new friends and your new home, the McGill community. But let me introduce you to McGill … on Facebook. As a freshman, chances are you’re already aware of the


Grounded: The Boeing 737 MAX 8 Situation Recapped

By Celia Hameury It all began on October 29th, 2018, when the first Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft crashed in the Java sea, 12 minutes after taking off from Jakarta. A total of 189 people were killed, including the Lion Air crew. As the deadliest airplane accident in Lion Air history and the second deadliest