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Healthy McGill

By Sharon Katttar When you enter a new environment, things may seem overwhelming; you may be in a completely different atmosphere, having come from elsewhere, or you might be lucky enough to still be leeching off your parents. Either way, you may get the feeling that you’re in it alone… (super cliché comment coming up)

Add This to Your Reading List

By Sharon Kattar Something good that came out of COVID and the lockdown, other than saving my money, was the rekindling of my desire to read. I have always considered myself an avid reader. Growing up, I remember being told that I was quite bright for my age, and my parents would always say that

Plant Pandemics

By Charlotte Volk By now, everyone on Earth has had their lives impacted in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic. Global pandemics rip indiscriminately through human populations, causing death and devastation wherever they go. Often, new disease-causing pathogens “jump” from animal to human species, infecting us with something that our immune systems have no defense

Book Review – The Break by Katherine Vermette

By Bianca Dubois CW: Violence, SA, Rape, Racism, and Addiction. The Break, written by Katherine Vermette, is a contemporary generational story in the North End of Winnipeg. Vermette being from the North End and Metis herself can describe the violence and prejudice of being indigenous with painstaking realism that is difficult to read at times.

Rewrite Your Narrative

March 2020—a month that kicked off an arc in our lives that we are sure to remember forever. In case it has been too long to recall what’s so important about it: less than two weeks into the month of March (and less than a week after reading week), COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic. Schools shut down,

One Giant Leap to Normality

By Youssef Wahba   After a year of online classes and virtual events, McGill has announced the resumption of in-person learning for the upcoming 2021-2022 academic year. For many second-years, it means that they are–finally–able to set foot on campus and get a grasp on what ‘actual’ university life is like. Students have welcomed this

Essential buys for the Ikea enthusiast

Sophia Gorbounov   Last week, I went to Ikea for the first time in almost two years. Needless to say, the experience was full of cheerful browsing, delicious snacks, and silly-sounding names. What I noticed, however, as I tried to untangle myself from the endless halls, was that every visit to the Swedish furniture store


By Ann Trinh A year at McGill does not have to be just lectures and labs. One of the best  pieces of advice you would hear from a McGillian is to GET INVOLVED. Not only will you develop skills outside of your classroom, you get to meet new people all working to achieve the same

EUS Events to Look Forward to

The year is never short on fun events to mark your calendars. Here are some EUS events to look forward to this year.   Blues Pub Blues Pub is a weekly event which would normally take place every Friday between 4pm and 9pm in the EUS common room in the McConnell basement. Engineering students, as