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Sustainable Bioplastics: Are They Really Greener?

By Autumn Faitak & Spencer Lum   Justification for Investigation In August 2020, Dalhousie University reported that 70% of Canadians support a ban on single-use plastics. As per CTV’s October 7th, 2020 article, Canada announced its commitment to ban a list of non-reusable plastic products by 2022. In place of single-use plastic cutlery and plastic food

Where Am I Going Today? Mapstr is There to Help

By Vincent Hamel   When visiting Paris last summer (oh, simpler times!), I was lucky enough to go for brunch with an old friend of mine who had moved there upon graduating from McGill to pursue a Master’s, love, and a new life in the French metropole. In between a sip of Apérol Spritz, a

Season Special

Written by Andrew Salem Illustrated by Jiaze Ben   It’s that time of the year again. Do you see it? Spiders are casting their nets on your neighborhood’s houses; you start noticing skeletons hanging from people’s windows and Jack-O’-lanterns are starting to appear around each and every corner you look at. This process of “monsterificaton”,

The Importance of Being Earnest

By Thomas Neufeldt This month’s issue of the Ledger focuses on wellness, and in particular, mental health. I argue that a critical component in fostering mental wellbeing is honesty, and below, I have outlined four areas where I believe it is important to apply this principle. 1. Your Professor Ostensibly, the role of your professor

McGill NeuroTech

By Kenji Marshall McGill NeuroTech is a lesser known design team at McGill as it’s not under the EUS. It brings together a group of neuroscience, computer science, math, and engineering students every year to build brain computer interfaces (BCIs) based on electroencephalography (EEG). They compete in the NeurotechX Student Club competition, and have won

McGill student jobs : How to get one and what to expect

By Imane Chafi From being a teaching assistant to a research intern, McGill offers a wide variety of student jobs that can help you boost your career and even teach you how to manage your academic and work lives efficiently. Having a job at school can be an enriching experience and can help you discover

Circadian Rhythm Research at the Douglas Institute

By Brenda Shen Located in Verdun, the Douglas Mental Health University Institute is a hospital specializing in psychiatric medicine and is an important teaching hospital affiliated with McGill. The Douglas Institute focuses on both patient care and research, focused on advancing knowledge in mental health while providing the best care and services to their patients.

Mental Health: How to Deal With the Stress of Exams

By Imane Chafi Have you ever felt overwhelmed by school work? Does it seem like you have so much to do and so little time to meet your deadlines? More than 57% of Canadian students have encountered a form of anxiety or stress-related experience during their studies. Most of them will also experience that stress

Book review : Scythe by Neal Shusterman

By Imane Chafi Imagine if you could live forever; if the technological advancements were powerful enough to design a system that eradicates diseases, poverty and even natural death of age. You have all the time in the world. Would you feel liberated by the extra time? Or would the absence of a time constraint kill