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The Queen’s Gambit is a Must Watch and Here’s Why

The Queen’s Gambit is a Must Watch and Here’s Why

by Ann Trinh   I am definitely not the first person to try my hand at convincing you to watch Scott Frank and Allan Scott’s The Queen’s Gambit. This nicely packaged 7-episode Netflix miniseries, released on October 23rd of 2020, is the tale of a chess prodigy climbing the ranks in the world of 64-squares

Fall Festivities

By Shaun Lalani Sweater weather and hot cocoa season is finally upon us! But so are midterms. If you find yourself short on time and have no clue as to what pumpkin season brings, worry not, because the Ledger’s got your back. Here’s five awesome things you can do to this month to ensure the

Plumber’s Student Design : Art For Students, By Students

By Imane Chafi Plumber’s Student Design is a student-led design committee that creates artistic and graphic design projects to promote ingenuity and creativity within the McGill engineering community. If you like to paint, design or draw, and you want to take part in large-scale projects to add colour to your school, the Plumber’s Student Design

Clubs At McGill : What To Expect And How To Join Them

By Imane Chafi During a hot summer’s day, next to the willow trees and swinging grass, you wander the walls of McConnell Hallway. The buzzing sound of voices fills your ears and you marvel at the extensive amount of tables lined against the walls, as though you’ve entered a banquet made especially for you. Banners


by Ora Cohen   45 60 75 52 68 1 99 5 10 87 16 37 33 93 28 23   Hope you’ve enjoyed the puzzle pages!   ____   ____ ’ ____         ____ ____ ____ ____           ____ ____ ____ ____ !   1  2  3       4      5   6 7                 8 9 10 11   Organ used

Crazy Diamond

By Erica De Petrillo   The planet and the stars are in my helmet When I take it off It all falls apart Unitl I build it up again   The adventure awaits At the door, at the gates But they’re locked, keeps me safe Whenever I’m awake   Get me out of my head,

Don’t Die, Butterfly

By Kenji Marshall   I squatted on the sand, drawn to a glint of emerald poking up beneath my feet. The dry heat was making its way through the bottom of my sandals and gently tickled my soles. I would have to move soon, but for now, there was emerald in the sand, which both

The Pedestrian

By Erica De Petrillo (inspired by the Ray Bradbury short story of the same name) Eight o’clock, I walk alone I feel my feet on the cold hard stone The lights are out, save for the screens A graveyard littered with colourful machines   In ten years of walking by night or day I’ve never