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10 Interview Tips and Tricks

By Stylianos Mavromatis 1. Always have a smile on your face and greet with a strong firm handshake. 2. Do your research before going for an internship interview. Know what the company is working on and have in mind ways that can help the company go forward. 3. Prepare for common interview questions. Not only can

FB @ McGill 101 : Intro To Facebook Groups At McGill

By Amine Mallek Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering of McGill University. You’ve worked hard to get here, congratulations! This orientation week will introduce you to your new friends and your new home, the McGill community. But let me introduce you to McGill … on Facebook. As a freshman, chances are you’re already aware of the

Career Planning Service

By Grace Yu Career Planning Service, more commonly known as CaPS at McGill, offers various opportunities and resources for both undergraduate and graduate students to plan their future. Whether you are looking for an internship, applying for jobs, or just want to see what your future career possibilities are , CaPS can help you out!

How To Save Money As A Student In Montreal

By Paul Hinta Student life is hard for so many reasons. Not only are classes tougher than what you’ve previously seen in high school or CEGEP, but you’re likely at an age where you’re taking on more and more responsibility; a lot of us call this ‘adulting’. Needless to say, the concept of having to

Positives Of Residence Life

By Yash Khapre Personally, rez life was an incredible experience to remember. There were several ups and downs, but overall it was really enjoyable. Initially, it was really tough as no one knew each other and, for many, including myself, it was a nerve-racking time: new school, new city, new environment. However, after a few

Welcome to Reality

By Abhimukth Chaudhuri Congratulations and welcome to the Faculty of Engineering at McGill university! Securing a spot in an institution as an engineering student is a rigorous task and requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Getting accepted at a world-renowned university with demanding requirements and a need for consistency is another challenge in itself.

Healthy McGill

By Sharon Kattar When you enter a new environment, things may seem overwhelming; you may be in a completely different atmosphere, having come from elsewhere, or you might be lucky enough to still be leeching off your parents. Either way, you may get the feeling that you’re in it alone… (super cliché comment coming up)