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Engineering Creativity

By Kenji Marshall with Ethan Everly Last issue, Ethan Everly wrote an article about wellness in the context of McGill culture. He touched upon the importance of having diverse interests that can add to your life. This issue, we sat down with him to continue that conversation, and talk about the relevance of creativity in

The Female Engineering Student

By Kelly Ma TL;DR: A collection of aggravations I experience on a regular basis as a female engineering student. Women made up 34% of the incoming undergraduate engineering class at McGill University in 2017. In Fall of that year, I joined the Department of Bioengineering as one of these female engineering students. Though I have

Why I’m Glad

By Gabrielle Doucette-Poirier   If you had asked 6th grade me where I saw myself in 10 years, the answer probably wouldn’t have been “in therapy.”   It was the TechFair of my first semester at McGill when I applied for a government internship. By November, I started laborious interviews with them, one of which

Things to do over spring break & all year round

Things to do in Montreal over spring break … and all year round!   Spring break is right around the corner, but who has time to plan when trying to pass midterms? The Ledger’s team of fantastic procrastinators has got your back! Instead of studying for our midterms, we’ve put together some fun events and

Ledger Playlist: Best of 2018

Bamara – “José Tries to Leave”: Post-punk meets the wild west. The exhilarating guitar and powerful beat lay a foundation for the angsty and distressed lyrical tone.   Earl Sweatshirt – “The Mint”: One of Earls more personal tracks. Over a somber beat, he touches on sacrifice, family troubles, addiction, moral conflicts.   Choker –

The Soul Album: A Review

By Jude Habib Some days I’ll look up an old artist, a favorite or one I haven’t listened to enough, and listen chronologically through their albums, each as if it was a newly released album. I love doing this because rather than seeing these artists as the “legends” they are now, I get to see

Peer Mental Health Support

By Jude Habib, with consultation from EUS Mental Health Committee   Content warning: Suicide   Available Resources: McGill Engineering Student Center (MESC) McGill Mental Health Hub McGill Health & Counseling Services Peer Support Center NightLine Ami Quebec MyInvolvement posts Crisis Intervention Workshops   As I write this, I am in Trottier petting therapy dogs at