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Hello World, Hello University

Hello World, Hello University

Over the course of your degree, it will be suggested to you numerous times, or at least once if you read this article, that you learn to program. The buzz around programming and prospects of making money through software loom in the form of someone, an enthusiastic programmer or a friend just learning the Ruby

Price Accuracy Policy

Has it ever happened to you that you check the price of an item on the shelf to then have a cashier scan it in at a higher price? Did you know that the merchant is required to either give it to you for free, or sell it to you at the lowest price with

Students Making McGill More Sustainable

The McGill Energy Project is an initiative that aims to promote sustainable, student-led projects. Lately, they have been making waves by involving themselves with CodeJam, an energy analysis of the RVC residence and other events on campus. The ledger sat down with MEP founder Marc-Etienne Brunet to talk about sustainability, McGill, and getting students involved

Do We Need to Demilitarize McGill? An Interview with Demilitarize McGill

Earlier this semester Demilitarize McGill approached the Plumber’s Ledger, looking to reach out to McGill’s engineering community. So, we sat down and had a little chat about what Demilitarize is, research ethics, stickering, their desire to involve engineering students, and more. Plumber’s Ledger: What is Demilitarize McGill? Demilitarize McGill: We’re a group of students, past