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Meet Montreal’s Biggest Engineering Firms

By Celia Hameury    Montreal is a city which attracts many students from all over the world, due to its multiple renowned universities. However, when students come to Montreal to study engineering, what many don’t realize is that this city is also home to several significant engineering firms, where McGill students can find internships and

Design Teams At McGill

By Aymar Muhikira A new chapter begins for many students starting their school year in the faculty of engineering. This is a great opportunity to have a look at the different design teams available in our faculty that will undoubtedly enrich the university experience of all who participate. One of the most attractive aspects of engineering, which many who

Meet Your EUS Execs

By EUS Executives As you take your first steps into the university, you will start to hear about the EUS, the Engineering Undergraduate Society that oversees events, opportunities outside of McGill, design teams and much more. At the start of every year, a tradition of the Ledger is to provide you with an in-depth description

SURE, why not?

by Brenda Shen As we celebrate the Ledger’s final issue of this year, this research spotlight aims to focus on all of the exciting research projects taking place in the next few months. Through the Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering (SURE) program, hosted by the Faculty of Engineering, students are able to spend their summers

Ode to Joy – Kent Nagano’s last season at the OSM

By Imane Chafi The soft sound of the flute rings in your ears, slowly transforming into waves of violins clashing with the deep sound of the trombones. A sole conductor, illuminated by a bright blinding light, stands at the base of the dias and guides the ocean of sounds into an elaborate performance. This experience

Indigeneity in Engineering

by Celia Hameury   Here’s something you probably don’t know about McGill engineering: of the 4500 engineering students at McGill, only 3 identify as indigenous. This corresponds to less than 0.1% of the McGill engineering student population, a shocking percentage considering that indigenous people make up 4.8% of the Canadian population, and should therefore count

Engineering Creativity

By Kenji Marshall with Ethan Everly Last issue, Ethan Everly wrote an article about wellness in the context of McGill culture. He touched upon the importance of having diverse interests that can add to your life. This issue, we sat down with him to continue that conversation, and talk about the relevance of creativity in

POWErful Engineers

by Celia Hameury It is a little known fact that McGill has the highest percentage of women in engineering among all Canadian universities. Indeed, 30% of McGill’s engineering students are women, a number which continues to grow. Engineering has long been a male-dominated field, and it is no doubt for this reason that women have