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Engineering Creativity

By Kenji Marshall with Ethan Everly Last issue, Ethan Everly wrote an article about wellness in the context of McGill culture. He touched upon the importance of having diverse interests that can add to your life. This issue, we sat down with him to continue that conversation, and talk about the relevance of creativity in

POWErful Engineers

by Celia Hameury It is a little known fact that McGill has the highest percentage of women in engineering among all Canadian universities. Indeed, 30% of McGill’s engineering students are women, a number which continues to grow. Engineering has long been a male-dominated field, and it is no doubt for this reason that women have

Art in Engineering: The hidden treasures of the McGill Art community

By Imane Chafi   As I was walking down the McConnell building to get to class, I saw the same blank walls hidden by colourful posters and bright designs inviting students to various events. However, I never really took the time to stop and look at the displayed activities. Many for coding competitions and workshops,

Research Spotlight: McGill’s Intelligent Machines

By Brenda Shen   When hearing the phrase artificial intelligence (AI), many immediately tend to think of the inevitable autonomous robot rise expected in the next few decades. While robots and smart machines make up a sizeable portion of the AI sector, AI encompasses much more than just the dreaded robot invasion. McGill’s Centre for

Bioengineering: McGill’s Newest Program

By Celia Hameury Everyone has heard of McGill’s mechanical, civil, chemical, mining or electrical and software engineering programs. Most were founded over fifty years ago, and are now well established departments – some are even over a hundred years old. McGill’s newest engineering program, bioengineering, is just a baby in comparison. Initially established as a

Research Spotlight: Durham Lab

by Brenda Shen This month’s spotlight takes a look at a lab in the Montreal Neurological Institute focusing on motor neuron diseases and disorders of peripheral nerve. Dr. Heather Durham arrived at McGill in 1979 as a post-doctoral fellow and has made Montreal her home ever since.   Shortly after completing her PhD in Pharmacology

McGill Artificial Intelligence Society

By Dafne Culha The McGill Artificial Intelligence society is a student-run society which strives to unite all those interested in AI by organizing various events. Founded in 2017, it is now the largest AI Society of North America. It’s an amazing opportunity for student-mediated understanding and experiencing with the hottest idea in tech right now.

Profiles in Engineering: Christine Pu

By Cheng Lin Christine Pu graduated from McGill’s Chemical Engineering program this past May and is now pursuing her Master’s at Stanford University. Christine was involved with a handful of organizations during her time at McGill, namely Engineers Without Borders and a chemical engineering research lab. The Ledger sat down with Christine to talk about

The Geniuses We Don’t Know

By Celia Hameury How many men in engineering can you name? If you take a moment and think about it, you will probably come up with at least five or six. From Elon Musk to James Watt, famous male engineers are everywhere. Yet how many women in engineering can you name? Engineering has long been

VPs…VPs Everywhere: EUS Executives Profiles

By Kenji Marshall The EUS. The Empathetic Ursine Sasquatch? The Engineering Undergraduate Society? One of those. While being the biggest and best student society, its inner workings are perpetually obscure to the average McGill Engineer, and so the Ledger is here to clear some of the fog. Annually, in the first issue of The Plumber’s