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Remembrance Day

by Nick Brunt The morning of November 11, 1918 began like any other in the trenches of the Great War. The long lines of sandbags and barbed wire, cut like wounds at the edges of the bare, earthen battlefields of Europe, lay quiet save for the distant sound of firing artillery. The previous four years,

The Search for the Origins of the Plumber (Terminated) Part III (OF III): The War to End All Wars and Also This Article Series

by Daniel Gelaf What evidence we’ve thus far uncovered about the peculiarly (but not exclusively) McGillian moniker “The Plumbers” has included determining an etymological origin (plumber’s bob, not plumber’s crack, although textual evidence shows that the two meanings ambiguously referenced in the nickname were almost immediately conflated and the true original denotation quickly forgotten) as

Grown Ups

by Frederick Chagnon “None of this makes any sense” Chanell kept thinking. Just a few hours ago, she was taking the bus home after yet another terrible party filled with drunk bros and casual racism. Now, she’s walking barefoot in a strange forest following an orange humanoid monkey calling itself Puck. “Where are we going


by Frederick Chagnon It’s 1:37 a.m. The party around me is loud. Too loud for my taste. I feel the semi-regular beat in my chest, but I have no desire to dance. There are too many people for the size of the apartment. I didn’t want to go, but my roommates convinced me to come.


by Daniel Gelaf In our last installment, our investigation made a few significant inroads into the meaning and possible origin of the quaint and curiously (mostly) McGill-specific nickname “The Plumbers” for the engineers. It was discovered that the term began as a moniker for the science students in toto, before narrowing in scope as the

Montreal’s Taxi Wars

by Nick Brunt On September 15th, hundreds of Montreal taxi drivers and owners participated in a coordinated protest against Uber, the increasingly popular smartphone-based rideshare service. Frustrated by the provincial government’s failure to take a stand against their upstart competitors, the protesters drove slowly as a convoy to the Trudeau Airport after gathering at the


by Frederick Chagnon It’s 1:37am. There’s a party in the apartment below. The semi-regular beat of the music is keeping awake. I hear them talking and laughing and generally having a great time. I hate them. I am laying down in the darkness of my room. The apartment is empty. My roommates left for a

3005 Part VIII: Eclipse

By Frederick Chagnon Calvin Baker’s Apartment, New Daedalia. 19h23 Calvin, Elva and Walt were sitting in the detective’s apartment along with a few good officers of the NDPD. Heavy rain and wind were hitting the windows with severity, indicative of the strength of the storm outside. Stretched over the kitchen table was an extensive map

3005 Part VII: A Baptism In blood

By Frederick Chagnon Calvin Baker’s Apartment, New Daedalia. It was still dark outside and the rain had begun to hit the windows of Calvin’s lodging. Following their narrow escape from Lee-Sun Chen’s charity gala and still dressed with their fancy clothes, Calvin and Elva were facing each other at the small kitchen table, a lukewarm

3005 Part VI: Fancy Attire!

By Frederick Chagnon Crazy Salmon Factory, Combs, New Daedalia Red lights were flashing. Alarms were ringing. Footsteps were approaching. No exits in sight. Unless they found something quick, Walt and Calvin would soon discover what was on the other side. “What do we do?” nervously asked Walt. “Now? Now we run,” replied the detective. Walt