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3005 Part V: The Storm

By Frederick Chagnon Crazy Salmon Factory, Combs, New Daedalia. Detective Calvin Baker’s car was silently hovering above the peaceful-looking factory. Only the Moon’s diffused light was piercing through the clouds. A storm was coming; they could feel it in the thick air. After Elva’s revelations about the organisation they were facing , Calvin and Walt

3005 Part IV: Dreams bleed into Nightmares

By Frederick Chagnon Previously: dragons, blood, suns. Everywhere they turn, Calvin and Walt find those symbols. If the organisation remains a mystery, the duo has acquired a sample of the new lethal drug, and with it hope to understand what they’re fighting against. Whereas the South Side was modern and built inside a natural bowl,

Our campus beneath the first: A look into the vital underground network of our university

Slowly the fall leaves drift towards the cold, hard ground as the earth gradually dies to be reborn. The ground ages and grows white, the trees strip bare and the icy cold winds start whistling. Winter brings an abundance of joy. However, the below-zero temperatures and bone-chilling winds often bring quite the opposite. To escape

3005 Part III: Blood Dragons

Previously, Calvin, Walt, and Elva discovered the ugly truth that a mysterious gang is attempting to bring organised crime back into the City. Their weapon of choice: a new powerful experimental drug that is starting to spread. They don’t know anything this enigmatic group, except that they appear to like drawing dragons. Combs, New Daedalia

The Evolution of an Orchestra: A Glimpse at the Pranks of Yesteryear

The Plumber’s Philharmonic Orchestra, notoriously known as the PPO, is one of the most mysterious and familiar groups in the faculty of Engineering. Formed in the 1950s, this storied group of engineers is constantly visible at engineering events, where its members can be seen sporting intricately decorated lab coats. Though the PPO is now known

3005 Part II: Blood Count

Previously, Detective Calvin Baker, helped by forensics scientist Walt Michaels, started the investigation into John Smith’s gruesome death. Was it an accidental overdose, or was he murdered? New Daedalia Police Department. Calvin and Walt were sitting in Commissioner Wong’s office. The room was illuminated by a large window behind Madeline’s chair. A monumental wooden desk

3005 Part I: Tears of Blood

The last rays of light were bouncing off the glistering skyscrapers. The forest of metal and glass was stretching as far as the eye could see, each monumental tower challenging the skies. Built upon the ruins of the Old City, New Daedalia was an impressive sight indeed; a testament to the resiliency of the human

The Search for The Plumber

The Plumbers’ Ball. The Plumber’s Pot. The Plumber’s Philharmonic Orchestra. The Plumber’s Faucet. The Plumber’s Pocket. The Plumber’s Ledger. The Plumber’s Station. And surely, many a plumber to come. This plumber mania, seemingly specific to McGill, has been reigning for decades. Where does it have its origins? Is it a term whose relevance has been

Social Change and Urban Sustainability

Beginning in 1973, large protests swept the Netherlands and the capital, Amsterdam. Demonstrators carried signs with the slogan ‘Stop de Kindermoord’ ,”stop the child murder”; the previous year, nearly 500 children had died from car related accidents due to the dangerous traffic conditions in the Netherlands. The public outcry stemmed not only from the deaths