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The Story Behind the Three Bares

The Story Behind the Three Bares

Whether you are a blues pub regular, frequent council meetings, or even just occasionally drop by to study or hang out, you have undoubtedly passed the Three Bares mural adorning the east wall of the engineering common room. While many have seen it, most are probably not aware of the process and thought behind it.

Price Accuracy Policy

Has it ever happened to you that you check the price of an item on the shelf to then have a cashier scan it in at a higher price? Did you know that the merchant is required to either give it to you for free, or sell it to you at the lowest price with

A Tale of Two UnderDog(e)s

The tale of the underdog has always had a special place in sporting history. Regardless of where you are from, sports provide an equal platform where athletes are judged purely on their skills, physical prowess, and mental sharpness. This sets the stage for the beloved underdogs to capture our hearts by exceeding everyone’s expectations. One

Why We Are Afraid

On August 5th, 1945 the crew of the Enola Gay ensured that the word ‘nuclear’ will always have a dark connotation. Even in today’s world, people still equate reactors to mushroom clouds. While it is indeed true that nuclear power stations have their dangers, advances mean we do not have to blindly fear this method

Students Making McGill More Sustainable

The McGill Energy Project is an initiative that aims to promote sustainable, student-led projects. Lately, they have been making waves by involving themselves with CodeJam, an energy analysis of the RVC residence and other events on campus. The ledger sat down with MEP founder Marc-Etienne Brunet to talk about sustainability, McGill, and getting students involved

Beat the Printing Cartel

Back in the days before I quit Reddit, I came across an interesting post about the price of printer ink. It stated that printer ink goes for $5500/L, and then compared it with various other less expensive liquids, including Chanel No. 5 perfume, which is a mere $3180/L. Another post I saw was a picture

Do We Need to Demilitarize McGill? An Interview with Demilitarize McGill

Earlier this semester Demilitarize McGill approached the Plumber’s Ledger, looking to reach out to McGill’s engineering community. So, we sat down and had a little chat about what Demilitarize is, research ethics, stickering, their desire to involve engineering students, and more. Plumber’s Ledger: What is Demilitarize McGill? Demilitarize McGill: We’re a group of students, past