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McGill Once, McGill Twice : Tips For The Incoming Student

By Preyansh Kaushik Hey there! Congratulations on your admission to McGill! I’m sure the last couple of days have been a mix of excitement infused with anxiety, but trust me when I say that you’re going to enjoy the thrill. I’m sure throughout this issue of the Ledger and your orientation in general, you’ve come

Engineering Life Outside Of Engineering

By Sharon Kattar As you learn a lot at McGill and grow as a person alongside with your peers, both academically and socially, there is one outstanding point that will come to mind when you think back on your student-engineer days : engineering is so much more than attending lectures. Engineering is all about being

Design Teams At McGill

By Aymar Muhikira A new chapter begins for many students starting their school year in the faculty of engineering. This is a great opportunity to have a look at the different design teams available in our faculty that will undoubtedly enrich the university experience of all who participate. One of the most attractive aspects of engineering, which many who

Adjusting As An International Student In Montreal

By Yash Khapre Congratulations and welcome to the Faculty of Engineering! Coming to Montreal to study is an exciting yet relatively challenging task. As an international student, life can initially be much tougher for you than it is for others. The reasons for this include the inability to go home often, a completely different culture

Clubs At McGill : What To Expect And How To Join Them

By Imane Chafi During a hot summer’s day, next to the willow trees and swinging grass, you wander the walls of McConnell Hallway. The buzzing sound of voices fills your ears and you marvel at the extensive amount of tables lined against the walls, as though you’ve entered a banquet made especially for you. Banners

Meet Your EUS Execs

By EUS Executives As you take your first steps into the university, you will start to hear about the EUS, the Engineering Undergraduate Society that oversees events, opportunities outside of McGill, design teams and much more. At the start of every year, a tradition of the Ledger is to provide you with an in-depth description

Positives Of Residence Life

By Yash Khapre Personally, rez life was an incredible experience to remember. There were several ups and downs, but overall it was really enjoyable. Initially, it was really tough as no one knew each other and, for many, including myself, it was a nerve-racking time: new school, new city, new environment. However, after a few

Welcome to Reality

By Abhimukth Chaudhuri Congratulations and welcome to the Faculty of Engineering at McGill university! Securing a spot in an institution as an engineering student is a rigorous task and requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Getting accepted at a world-renowned university with demanding requirements and a need for consistency is another challenge in itself.