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Summertime ’15

By the time September begins, a few important things will have occurred in the life of the McGill engineer. The football team will have proven once again that inventing something doesn’t mean you’re good at it (actually for the first time in 15 years, McGill won their season opener). For better or worse, Frosh will

So You Want to Be POWErful?

by Vanessa Jones Somewhere on campus, you will find a group of passionate and friendly engineering students who all share one thing in common: a strong belief that the world would be a better place with a few more girls in hard hats (even if many of us only wear it once in our lives,

Commentary: De-Demilitarizing McGill

Not many groups have divided the McGill student body like Demilitarize McGill has done so far. The group has voiced their concerns that McGill has taken military research too far through military collaborations. This article criticizing DM’s actions was spurred by the events of Remembrance Day 2014 where we felt that the group organized a

emPOWEring the youth

Engineers without Borders (EWB) and Promoting Opportunities for Women in Engineering (POWE) are two of McGill’s first engineering student clubs. Both clubs are trying to change the face and perception of engineering, and trying to break the mold on engineering has brought these two clubs together to work on a common goal. EWB and POWE

SSMU Chief Electoral Officer resigns following J-Board settlement

In a joint statement, SSMU President Courtney Ayukawa, on behalf of the SSMU Executive, and U3 Arts student Alexei Simakov have announced a settlement resolving the Judicial Board (J-Board) petition in which Simakov challenged the legitimacy of the appointment of the SSMU Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Ben Fung, and the Deputy Electoral Officer, David Koots,

EUS & Faculty of Engineering Present a Forum on Diversity & Inclusivity in Engineering

On Thursday October 9th, the EUS and Faculty of Engineering welcomed all students to participate in a forum on diversity and inclusivity in engineering. Being a part of engineering’s female minority, I thought to myself: “Well, I should probably go to that… and at the very least, I’m sure there will be food.” Not only

Do You Want Sustainability With That Curriculum?

On Tuesday, October 7th, EUS VP Academic Alex Grant hosted the first faculty-wide academic forum to discuss the issue of sustainability in engineering education at McGill. The event, which grouped over 35 students from different departments in the faculty, aimed to brainstorm technical, department-specific sustainability topics to be integrated into the curriculum. Student groups were