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What is QCESO?

What is QCESO?

The Quebec Confederation for Engineering Student Outreach (QCESO) is a student federation regrouping 17’000 students from 14 schools and Faculties of Engineering across Quebec. If you’re an undergraduate student who is studying Engineering at McGill, you are a member of the Engineering Undergraduate Society, which in turn is a member of QCESO, thus giving you

Meet the EUS Executive Team

You have probably seen them at Blues Pub, Activities Day, OAP, or maybe even one of your classes. The EUS Executives are the ones that make sure that everything in the EUS is running smoothly, from Frostbite to this publication you are currently reading. We already took the time to talk to the EUS President,

You and Research Would Be Best Friends

The first time you pick up a research paper in most fields, you might be bombarded by a wave of unfamiliar terms and symbols. If you pursue these terms, following paper trails, their mystery evaporates. Research shouldn’t be a particularly arcane or difficult art. The researching community also isn’t that hard to enter. So if

McGill Engineers donate $24,000 to President’s Choice Children’s Charity

On the penultimate day of the EUS’s signature event, the OAP managers presented a cheque for $24,000 to support the PC choice children’s charity. The money, raised from the profits of the two-day OAP lite event last April will go to support childhood nutrition programs and children with special needs. Serge Gauthier, who works for PCCC,

Interview with Robert Forestell, EUS President

The academic year has just begun, but a new EUS Executive Team led by Robert Forestell began its term last May. They have been working all summer to ensure the smooth running of the EUS as well as on some brand new initiatives. We spent some time talking with Robert for the special Frosh issue

Robert Forestell Elected EUS President

After a month of nominations, campaigning, debating, and voting, the elected executives of the Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University (EUS) for the 2014-15 academic year have been announced. Current VP Academic of the McGill Association of Mechanical Engineers (MAME) Robert Forestell has been elected as the successor to Carlos Marin as President of the

McGill Delegates Shine at 2014 Québec Engineering Competition

The 2014 Quebec Engineering Competition recently took place at the Hôtel Sacacomie, from January 30th to February 2nd. The competition consisted of seven categories: Junior Design, Senior Design, Consulting, Debates, Re-engineering, Scientific Communication, and Innovative Design. The winners of each category at the McGill Engineering Competition earned a spot in the EUS’s delegation to QEC,