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4 Ways to Stay in Shape During Quarantine

By Marie Mansour These are tough times – the movement of McGill classes to online platforms, the closure of inessential services across Canada, and the halting of international travel. The world has basically come to a stop these past few weeks. If you didn’t know this already, you should be STAYING HOME. That being said,

The Democratic Primaries

By Paul Hinta In October 2019, Canada saw PM Justin Trudeau retain his position in Parliament, although the structure of the government formed has shifted significantly—from a majority to a minority government. Now, with 2020 in full swing, we find our neighbours down south going through a similar changing of political tides. This article serves

Engineering Life Outside Of Engineering

By Sharon Kattar As you learn a lot at McGill and grow as a person alongside with your peers, both academically and socially, there is one outstanding point that will come to mind when you think back on your student-engineer days : engineering is so much more than attending lectures. Engineering is all about being

Adjusting As An International Student In Montreal

By Yash Khapre Congratulations and welcome to the Faculty of Engineering! Coming to Montreal to study is an exciting yet relatively challenging task. As an international student, life can initially be much tougher for you than it is for others. The reasons for this include the inability to go home often, a completely different culture

Positives Of Residence Life

By Yash Khapre Personally, rez life was an incredible experience to remember. There were several ups and downs, but overall it was really enjoyable. Initially, it was really tough as no one knew each other and, for many, including myself, it was a nerve-racking time: new school, new city, new environment. However, after a few

The Female Engineering Student

By Kelly Ma TL;DR: A collection of aggravations I experience on a regular basis as a female engineering student. Women made up 34% of the incoming undergraduate engineering class at McGill University in 2017. In Fall of that year, I joined the Department of Bioengineering as one of these female engineering students. Though I have

Breaking the Mold

By Kenji Marshall “I don’t write.” I’ve asked so many other engineers to write for Ledger, but overwhelmingly it feels like that response is inevitable—I can see it bubbling to the surface from the second writing is brought up, with a little shift of the eyes and a minute smirk to complement. In a microcosm