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Do Androids Dream of Gainful Employment?

The Future of Work (and Engineering) in an Automated World By Nick Brunt While dreaming up the future of humanity’s relationship with technology in the 1940s, influential science fiction writer Isaac Asimov imagined the famous “Three Laws of Robotics”, a comprehensive set of rules designed to prevent any possible conflict between man and his ever-advancing

Hey Siri, Why Don’t I Use You?

By Alexandre Darche Visual by Marine Derone Most people I know don’t use the Siri or Google Assistant feature on their phones, and they should. Just this month, Microsoft invested in both McGill and Université de Montréal to help develop their artificial intelligence (AI) research labs. Other tech giants like Apple, IBM and Google are

Gaming for a Cause

By Alexandre Darche   While many of us spent the second week of January participating in E-Week (congratulations Mech), Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) was taking place in Virginia for its 7th installation. E-Sport teams keep showing up in the news for their impressive revenues and their acquisitions by NBA teams. However, AGDQ is a

What happened, Apple? – A Rant

By Alexandre Darche In 2007, Apple released the iPhone in a world where Blackberry reigned as the king of the cellular market. This risky move quickly snowballed into the smartphone phenomenon of rectangular, all-touch, minimalist design we see everywhere today. It turned crackberry addicts who couldn’t put down their QWERTY devices into Apple-heads who line

The Marvellous Belgian Beer Pipeline

By Nick Brunt Considering the international attention directed towards it in the past few months, the entrance of Bruges’ Halve Maan (Half Moon) Brewery is inconspicuous enough. Situated on a leafy square in the south of the city’s medieval centre, the only outward sign of its location is hardly imposing: only a modest placard marks

A New Age of Virtual Reality

by Alex Zelensky Virtual reality (VR) has been a dream for many decades, with films such as The Matrix and eXistenZ showing worlds that the user cannot differentiate from reality. While current VR technology is not quite at that level, it is still leaps and bounds above the first attempts at VR in the 80’s

Diversity in Design

Frustrated by the lack of hands-on experience you’re getting out of your degree? Thankfully, the Faculty of Engineering is home to a diverse set of student-run design teams for you to get that needed experience! Whether you’re into flying amongst the clouds or all about burning that sweet gasoline, chances are McGill has something for

Montreal students innovating solar housing

In a recent talk at TEDxOrangeCoast, Solar Decathlon Director Richard King asserted: “Solar is the energy you live by. […] Think about the energy you use around your house. Can solar provide all that?” Solar Decathlon is an international competition initiated by the U.S. Department of Energy, in which teams of university students compete to