McGill Delegates Shine at 2014 Québec Engineering Competition

The 2014 Quebec Engineering Competition recently took place at the Hôtel Sacacomie, from January 30th to February 2nd. The competition consisted of seven categories: Junior Design, Senior Design, Consulting, Debates, Re-engineering, Scientific Communication, and Innovative Design. The winners of each category at the McGill Engineering Competition earned a spot in the EUS’s delegation to QEC, in the hopes of qualifying for the Canadian Engineering Competition, which will take place in March 2014.
Our delegation performed exceptionally well, and we’re pleased to announce the following results:

-Third place in Scientific Communication: Laurence Blondeau-Bouchard and Jonathan Lencewicz.
-First place in Consulting: Oren Singer, Gregory Laredo, Alex Gershanov and Robert Ralph.

Congratulations to all our delegates for their amazing performance, and best of luck to our Consulting team at the Canadian Engineering Competition!

Bryan Gingras


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