By Ann Trinh

A year at McGill does not have to be just lectures and labs. One of the best  pieces of advice you would hear from a McGillian is to GET INVOLVED. Not only will you develop skills outside of your classroom, you get to meet new people all working to achieve the same goals. Check out the Pipeline (the weekly McGill Engineering Listserv) and follow the Facebook pages of the groups that interest you. Or contact the groups directly by sending them an email which can be found on the EUSwiki.

Design Teams are EUS groups that design projects and build them and test their work in competitions with other schools and institutions.



AERO McGill designs and manufactures a multitude of aircraft, both fixed-wing and multirotor, which they use in competitions in both Canada and US, where team members put their designs to the test against other universities from around the world.


Concrete Canoe

The Concrete Canoe Team designs and builds a canoe made entirely out of concrete. The catch? It must float when completely submerged under water. Members are able to contribute to many different aspects of the project, including: designing the hull shape in AutoCAD, doing structural analysis in MATLAB, designing and mixing lightweight concrete, designing aesthetic enhancements, building the canoe, and even paddling. The Concrete Canoe Team competes annually in the national competition in May.


McGill Baja Racing

A group of students from all faculties that get together to build an off-road car. They design, manufacture, and race against about a hundred other teams across the world. The team also hosts shop days once a week, where they all get together to work on the cars.


McGill Bridge Building

For the past 8 years, the McGill Bridge Building Team has been made up of dozens of passionate civil engineering students. They make up the two subteams: the Wood and Steel subteams.

The wood team competes in every annual Troitsky Wood Bridge Competition hosted by Concordia University. Outside of COVID-19, this competition involves creating a bridge around 1 meter in length entirely out of popsicle sticks, wood glue, and dental floss. 

The steel team competes in the annual Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition (CNSBC). The competition consists of design, analysis, and construction of a 6 meter long bridge that should satisfy client requirements.


Mcgill Chem-E Car

McGill Chem-E Car is an undergraduate student design team that allows members to put their theoretical knowledge into practice by building a shoe-sized car. Every year, the team designs a new and improved car that is powered and stopped by chemical reactions. For many years, the Chem-E Car team has participated in the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Chem-E Car Competition, where they get to compete against other university teams from North America and all over the world. The team also hosts a friendly competition between Canadian universities every year!


McGill Formula Electric

McGill Formula Electric is a student design team that works every year to design, manufacture, and race a fully electric race car. Every year, the team competes in competitions across North America consisting of events testing our design and understanding of the process, and racing our car. 


McGill Robotics

McGill Robotics is an engineering design team that builds robots for international competitions as well as organizes a robotics themed hackathon annually. 


McGill Rocket Team

Each year, the McGill Rocket Team assembles interested students from across all faculties of McGill University for the purpose of studying, designing, building and launching reusable sounding rockets. Rockets are then launched at the annual Spaceport America Cup held by ESRA and Spaceport America in New Mexico, USA. The team typically builds up to three rockets travelling to 5000ft, 10000ft or 30000ft of altitude!


McGill Space Group

The McGill Space Group (MSG) was established in 2016 and is focused on various space-related projects and events at McGill. A large portion of their work is focused on the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC), a two-year competition in which we challenge other Canadian universities to fully design, test and build a 3U CubeSat, a miniaturized satellite for space research.

In addition to participating in competitions, the MSG also contributes to the McGill and Greater Montreal communities through outreach events. 

Committees have roles that vary across the board, such as organizing an event, providing a service and so much more.



Engaged Learning in Engineering (ELINE) is an EUS committee focused on promoting a culture of engaged learning among the engineering student community. ELINE’s objectives are:

  • To promote a culture of engaged learning through its events and initiatives;
  • To develop resources for student learning;
  • To support existing Faculty of Engineering bodies such as ELATE and MESC in regards to student learning;
  • To support EUS and SSMU clubs and committees in regards to student learning.


EUS Equity

McGill’s EUS Equity Committee ensures diversity, inclusion, accessibility and social equity in Engineering at McGill. Equity deals with issues ranging from problems in the classroom to sexual assault – EUS Equity is here to support you in whatever issues you may be facing, big or small. The committee also works with the faculty in order to coordinate our efforts to increase diversity in engineering at McGill. Note that you can submit anonymous incident response forms to incident


EUS Sports

Starting in the fall, their annual flag football and soccer leagues will start up, with all engineering (and Friend-gineering!) students welcomed to sign up and join the action. The league runs from September to November, with at least one game per week to keep you on your toes. In the winter, we switch gears and operate the famous Iron Rink, a historic staple of the McGill community. There, you can join the famous Broomball League and sweep away those winter blues right into the springtime. What better way to stay active, have fun, and make friends in the student body than the EUS Intramural Sports League! Look out for more details or ask your friendly Frosh leaders for more information!


Junior Council

Junior Council is a committee under the Engineering Undergraduate Society, composed of approximately twenty first year engineering students, with two second year co-presidents. At the beginning of the fall semester, all incoming first years are encouraged to apply for any VP positions (including VP communications, events, external and more!), departmental representatives, or external council representatives.

Junior Council’s goal is to welcome all first year engineering students by organizing both academic and social events throughout the school year, and creates a strong network of first year students. Junior Council is one of the first involvement opportunities open to first year students, and we host events such as an apartment crawl, ice cream social, a networking conference, and power hours!


Mental Wellness Committee

The EUS Mental Wellness committee aims to promote mental wellness in the engineering community through initiatives and events such as painting, art therapy workshops, therapy dogs, scunts, challenges, and much more! Their events provide a break from stress during the semester by allowing you to spend time doing activities that benefit mental wellbeing. 


Plumber’s Station

The Plumber’s Station’s main areas of interest are photography, videography, filmmaking, editing and so much more. They aim to help every student explore their more creative side when it comes to visual arts and have tons of different projects to support multiple areas of interest. 


Plumber’s Student Design

Plumber’s Student Design (.PSD) provides free graphic design services to EUS members and organizations. This includes logos, banners, apparel, stickers… you name it! They strive to deliver quality designs to our clients by closely working with them from start to finish. They also run workshops to introduce new designers to software such as Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer.


Rewrite Your Narrative

Rewrite Your Narrative is a sub-committee of the Plumber’s Ledger that was started last year to increase exposure to social issues for students in STEM. This is done through discussion events that feature panelists who offer their insights on their unique experiences in order to promote a dialogue among students.


Sustainability in Engineering At McGill

SEAM is a student run committee determined to promote and grow the culture of sustainability on campus, specifically in engineering. The need for change is becoming more and more pressing and they are ready and willing to make a stand. Yearly, SEAM organizes initiatives to promote eco-conscious jobs, improve existing McGill sustainability practices, create new ones and incorporate sustainability into the academic curriculum.


For a full updated list of involvement opportunities, take a look at the EUSwiki online or the EUS Handbook.