EUS President Resigns

The Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) no longer has a President. Zac Moreland, who was elected in March and had been serving since May 1, presented his resignation to the EUS Council during the first session of the year on October 7, citing personal reasons.

As is stipulated in Article 20.2 of the EUS Constitution, the VP Internal, Eric Kueper, has been appointed interim President of the EUS. Kueper will assume the responsibilities of the position until the EUS Council ratifies the new President.

Other members of the Executive Committee have decided to step up and aid Kueper in the fulfilling of the Presidential duties, which include organizing the selection committees for Equity Commisioner and PubliComm chair as well as chairing the EUSF meetings.

The new President will be nominated to the EUS Council by a Special Selection Committee (SpSC), as stated in the EUS Selection Committee By-Laws. SpSC are required by the By-Laws to consist of the President (in this case, the interim President), the other members of the Executive Committee, and a minimum of three (3) members-at-large, determined at the discretion of the EUS Coucil.

The EUS Council voted on having one representative from each department, totaling seven members-at-large instead of the minimum of three. The representatives are: Danielle Kasner, president of the Architecture Students’ Association; Patrick Laserre, President of the Civil Engineering Undergraduate Society; Selina Liu, U3 Representative for the Chemical Engineering Students’ Society; Julia Petrella, President of the Electrical, Computer, & Software Engineering Students’ Society; Vivienne Chen, U2 Representative for the Materials Engineering Undergraduate Society; David Bailey, President of the McGill Association of Mechanical Engineers; and Ziad Saliba, President of the Co-op Mining Engineering Undergraduate Society.

The application period for EUS President will last from October 8 to October 21 and all members of the EUS are allowed to fill out an application. The SpSC will meet on October 22 to interview the candidates in a confidential committee that will make the results public on October 24.

Following the announcement of the results on October 24, the new President will be ratified by the EUS Council at its third meeting of the year, to be held on November 4. The ratified President will then hold the position until the end of the current Executive Committee’s mandate on May 1.

In his resignation letter, Moreland states that he will be readily available to ensure a smooth transition as a new president is chosen. Kueper also sent a message to the Engineering community expressing his disbelief at the news and praising Moreland for his efforts as President of the EUS. “He brought our executives together and certainly started EUS Council off on the right foot”. He expressed his confidence in the ability of the EUS to move forward with little disruption, stating that both the Internal and the President portfolios will continue to be executed to their fullest.

Luis Pombo


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