McGill E-Trips: Colloquial Madness

Thanks to significant financial support from the civil and mechanical engineering departments and the dedicated work of the student executives, the Civil Engineering Undergraduate Society (CEUS) and the McGill Association of Mechanical Engineers (MAME) are able to offer their students an unforgettable weekend trip to various cities in eastern Canada. These weekend trips have been broken down in order to provide a glimpse of what really happens when you take the plunge and attend either Mech Madness or Civil’s Colloquium.


For those that partake in the debauchery of evening activities, the start of the day can be a bit rough. Mechs and Civils alike don their weekend t-shirts, eat breakfast, and hop onto the bus. Industry tours generally take place in the morning, which is why bus rides consist of chanting and singing to keep everyone’s eyes open and spirits high. At the industry tours, groups are led around various facilities to learn about their functions and purposes in the engineering world. These tours also provide an excellent platform for job exposure and networking with some incredible, enthusiastic engineers. The afternoon consists of more activities, whether it’s another industry tour or something fun planned for the group. After dinner, the team heads out to a night of undisclosed amounts of BEvERages and rowdiness in true engineering fashion.


Exploring the host city is a must for all participants, as well as forming lasting bonds with fellow engineers.

This year, Mechies in Quebec City laced up their hiking boots and explored waterfalls on their way to a hydro dam, while visiting famous Quebec cidreries along the way. Mech Madness also has an annual scavenger hunt, with prizes awarded upon returning to McGill.
Though some trips were made to the waterfalls, the Civies in Niagara relinquished their inner gamblers in the casinos until dawn. Much of the downtime during the day was spent exploring the town of St. Catharines and basking in the heat at Lakeside Park Beach on Lake Ontario.


The most prominent thing that students bring back to McGill is new friendships with other engineers that they may not have met otherwise.

Most students also return with a greater urge to participate in E-Week, apartment crawls, Frosh, and the departmental councils.

The get-away weekend reminds everyone how fun and worthwhile it is to be in engineering, while providing a greater understanding of future careers and opportunities. We hope to see everyone there next year!

Kaitlyn McGoldrick and Kathryn Kaspar


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