Summertime ’15

By the time September begins, a few important things will have occurred in the life of the McGill engineer. The football team will have proven once again that inventing something doesn’t mean you’re good at it (actually for the first time in 15 years, McGill won their season opener). For better or worse, Frosh will be underway. Perhaps more importantly, OAP will be in full swing. Classes will begin, soon to be followed by Blues Pub. What do most of these have in common? The EUS is involved in some way.
You might just be getting back to school, but the new executive team has been hard at work the entire summer to bring you an exciting year once again. We’ve caught up with all of them, and they’re sharing what we can expect and what they’ve been doing.

EUS exec pic

Mariam Hachem, President

My personal goal from the EUS presidency is to be able to focus all of my energy into helping shape our engineering society put forth its best for its students, while at the same time continue to be leading across other Canadian engineering societies in what matters most, such as diversity and sustainability.

Last year, a strong foundation was built and this year will be an expansion and enhancement on the foundation, which we will do based on the feedback we have received from our students.

On her legacy-to-be…

To break all the stereotypes surrounding who and who cannot be active in the EUS circle by making its radius infinite.

First Year Survival Guide

Don’t stress about failure
Look forward to it, you’ll experience it and live through it and it will set you up for good laughter in your coming years.
Meet new people
Go up to people you think are interesting and talk to them, ask them questions! Trust me, this can prove to be quite interesting and fruitful.
Ask for help
This could be done in collaboration with the previous point. Engineering students are well known to be some of the most collaborative and most helpful people on campus. If it’s taking you too long to get something done, the chances are there is someone sitting on campus who can help you do it 3x faster and have it be a more enjoyable experience.
Be proud
It’s hard to remember in the midst of oncoming midterms and reports and assignments and activities that you are at a Top 20 university and you made it here on your own! Be proud and make sure to make the best out of your McGill experience in the short four (or five, or six…) years you have here.

Ian Richardson, Finance

Welcome to the EUS! My name is Ian Richardson and I’m the VP Finance for the 2015-16 year. The position is pretty self-explanatory; I manage the funds for the student society (easier said than done). I had plenty of time to shadow my predecessor, David Bailey, and absorb a lot of the knowledge that he could pass on to me. In doing so, he advised me to surround myself with Directors for various parts of my portfolio. I recruited Eliott Demelier as the Corporate Relations Director, Jacqueline Vary as the Funds Director and Alex Dow as the Budget Director.

Eliott and his team have been doing corporate outreach for sponsorship over the summer for the EUS. Jacqueline has been helping transform the Student Space Fund (SSF) chair position into a Funds Director that oversees the SSF, Clubs Fund, and Design Team Fund. Alex has done the preliminary budget for the EUS operating budget and will help with the fall and winter budgets. With these additions to the team, I’m able to better do my day-to-day operations and get some help on things that might get over looked. This helps with the transparency of the EUS’ finances and makes more groups more accountable.
The only committee I have under my portfolio is the Open Air Pub (OAP) committee. I oversee all operations and am in charge of the OAP finances. So over the summer I’ve been helping the rest of the team plan for “The Best Place on Earth”. OAP is completely volunteer run and the managers dedicate countless hours into making sure that the best event on campus happens every year. The proceeds from OAP in the fall go back into the EUS operating budget which then gets distributed between various funds, committees, clubs, design teams, and departments. Proceeds from OAP in the spring all go to the President’s Choice Children Charity, which helps tremendously with the supply of food at OAP.

There are a lot of other things that I do that I could write much more about; however, most people don’t want to read about how to deal with taxes as a non-for-profit and how it applies to many different factors. That being said, if you ever have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to stop by my office or shoot me and email at

Marc Chelala, Academic

This summer, I was working at a small medical devices company in Montreal; I had lots of fun and learned a lot (If you want information on biomedical engineering related jobs in Montreal, come talk to me!). Being in Montreal over the summer was very helpful in getting me started on various EUS projects. So far, my experience with the EUS has been truly great: we have a very cohesive team with strong ideas, and we’ve been able to advance our portfolios despite being thousands of miles apart.

Regarding the Academic portfolio, I worked with University Advancement [UA] on securing funds for the Peer Tutoring Service. Thanks to the hard work of the people at UA, we were able to obtain a sizeable donation for the EPTS that should cover the budget for the next two years hopefully. Katherine, the new EPTS manager, has been doing a great job over the summer and I’m projecting even more growth for the service this year.

Mariam [The President – Ed.] and I also rolled out several logistical changes to the EUSF [Engineering Undergraduate Support Fund – Ed.] in order to have more oversight over the use of money after proposals are approved. This past two months, I coordinated with all the departmental VP Academics and we recently passed 31 solid proposals geared towards academic support and professional development. They include support for additional TA and grader hours, a sustainability technicianship, as well as creation of new course content, tutorials and hands-on labs.

A few side projects I’m currently working on with the other execs: reorganization of all the EUS bylaws, renovation of Infosys, and branding of the EUS Mall (Shoutout to Laurie, our amazing Media Director!).

But my most interesting project at the moment is the creation of the 3D printing lab with the Mechanical Engineering department and MAMSS. Thanks to EFC and EUSF support, the lab will be up and running starting this Fall to serve a limited number of courses + design teams. For this semester, Chris, Ian and I will be working on setting up a more sustainable operation for the lab as a service open to all students. We’re still looking for a good name for the space; send us your ideas at !

Camille Warner, Communications

Almost did a double take when I wrote “U2.” I swear I just did Frosh of Thrones yesterday… I digress. It has been quite a busy summer. I worked to varying degrees with each of my three directors over the past few months.

From a publications perspective, the glorious EUS Handbook has graced us with its presence at last, accompanied by the first of many issues of both the Plumber’s Ledger and the Plumber’s Faucet. I also had the privilege of working with the IT director to understand what issues our IT system faces, and I am currently prioritizing efforts to address these issues and improve the future stability of EUS IT. Finally, our media team was incredibly occupied this summer working on a variety of logos for committees, as well as the development of a Publicom overhaul.

Personally I am interested in improving the overall stability of IT this year. Additionally, Marc [VP Academic—Ed.] and I will be working together on a few personal projects, including revamping the EUS Mall aesthetically and looking into offering practical tutorials to engineering students. All in all, it has been an eventful four month period, and I am so excited to continue working on these projects throughout the school year!

Jessica McAvoy, Clubs & Admin

This summer, I kept busy working two jobs; one as a server in a golf course restaurant, and the second in a café as a do-everything employee. Working anywhere from 11 to 16 hours kept my days packed, to say the least. Even though most of my free time was devoted to catching up on sleep, I did my best at staying on top of the truckloads of emails I was now getting. As well as sifting through the wealth of information I now had access to in order to learn all I could for the upcoming year. With this new information, I created a how-to guide for those who wish to create an EUS club, and began the planning for Activities Day and the Blood Drive in the later days of my summer. It was definitely a hectic summer. I learned so much and identified a few things that I will have to work on. Nonetheless, I am super excited for the year to come!

Jean-Louis Shi, External

Great to be back after a semester abroad! Being a EUS exec has been quite a ride so far so I can’t wait for the year to start. Here is some info you should know about the position. The VP External portfolio currently consist of 3 major categories: Representation (CREIQ, CFES), Committees (McGill Engineering Competition, EngGames) and External Affairs (External Events, Ordre d’Ingénieur du Quebec). Exceptionally this year, two nationwide events namely the Canadian Engineering Competition 2016 and the Confederation of Diversity and Equity 2016 are being hosted by McGill Engineering and thus also fall under the EUS VP External Portfolio. Over the summer, I worked on representation and discussed with the executives of the provincial and national engineering student federations. This lead to the creation of a new EUS director position which will be in charge of continuing the work. Furthermore, I stayed in contact with my committee chairs to make sure they had the necessary support and resources to accomplish their goals. For the coming year, my focus will be make the EUS VP External portfolio more relevant for students. This will be accomplished in three-folds. First, I will sensitize student leaders about the importance of CREIQ and CFES and explain the various benefits we can draw from these two student federations. Second, I will work with Departmental VP Externals, MESC and EUS clubs to develop a professional program (potential name: EUS Career Paths Program). This program will consolidate the resources currently available to students like industry tours and soft skills workshops while introducing new measures. Third, I will work alongside MEC and EngGames to better promote their activities and generate more hype around their events.

Matthew Osborne, Internal

Hi engineers!

There is no better way to spend a summer than planning Frosh. This year, the Frosh Awakens proved to be the biggest and the best one yet! With over 512 incoming students participating in the event, the week ran very smoothly and with no major hitches. Our new initiative – the park party – was a fantastic success, and we hope to see it continue and grow in upcoming years. The Frosh committee itself was an unforgettable experience; the twelve of us spent the previous four months nailing out every detail of Frosh. Also, we are all unbelievably grateful to all our leaders and O-Staff, whose dedication and enthusiasm for the event was immeasurable. My most memorable moment of the entire summer came in the dying moments of Frosh 2015 at 3:00AM on Monday morning. Over 100 engineers and friends, clad in togas, continued to hold back from leaving the venue without hearing one more song.

We held three Summer Blues Pubs, hosted by the PPO, Frosh Committee, and the Engineering Games. Everything went as planned, including PPO’s now infamous slip n’ slide, and fun was undoubtedly had by all. Additionally, our kitchen do-over is nearing completion, and it looks pretty snazzy if I may say so myself.

The Engineering Adventure Committee organised a very successful trip to the Saint-Sauveur water park, and are looking to continue their awesome events this semester!

Chris Sarlos, Services

Over the summer I was involved with Frosh, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to give my full attention to services projects. None the less here’s what I did. I worked with Marc [VP Academic –Ed.] to repurpose Infosys into a new student meeting space for committees. Smaller projects include reordering more locks. We unfortunately ran out of locks which is somewhat ridiculous given that it’s an essential student service. Also I rewrote the hiring forms for services to make them more relevant to the EUS today. From the Services stand point, I looked over all the pricing since they’ve haven’t been raised, in a while. Frostbite decided to raise prices slightly, but don’t worry there’s still toonie Tuesday and we still have the “free ice cream if you fail a midterm” policy. G-Store luckily stayed the same and CopiEUS raised only poster prices. Frostbite also launched their website (which is beautiful by the way, check it out) and CopiEUS is already having a great start to the year with over 3 new course packs which is great news as it really raises profitability.


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