10 Acts that will turn heads at Osheaga 2014

Pusha T

Notable Track: Trouble on my Mind (feat. Tyler the Creator)

Having run with the rap duo Clipse since 1992, Terrence “Pusha T” Thornton gained recent success with this recent full-length release My Name is My Name. His drug-rap hip-hop style is reminiscent of a young Notorious B.I.G. – riddling his raps with stories about his days selling narcotics on the street in an attempt to build his fortune. Having hooked up with Kanye West at his label GOOD Music, Kanye’s production has amplified Pusha T’s sound which is sure to be demonstrated during his stay in Montreal.

Chance the Rapper

Notable Track: Juice

Chance released his introductory 10 day mixtape through social media in an attempt to start an online buzz. Two years later you can catch him overseas opening for artists such as Eminem and Tyler the Creator. His soulful R&B singing voice accompanied with his nasal rap delivery are staples to his versatile sound. Chance the Rapper is a future star, and he continues to prove this by dropping a shocking amount of music through an interesting variety of features and outlets.

Ryan Hemsworth

Notable Track: Thinkin Bout You (Remix)

Ryan Hemsworth is a notable Canadian DJ/producer hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia with a talent for sampling. He is one of the few electronic artists who can tastefully remix a song without completely turning the track on its head. His subtle synth and drum patterns bring out unseen depth in the sampled work and serves only to amplify the sounds conveyed in the original track. His presence on the deck is sure to be well-received in Parc Jean Drapeau.

Joey Bada$$

Notable Track: Unorthodox

Bringing the gritty New York hip-hop sound back into the forefront: Brooklyn’s own Joey Bada$$’ lyrical delivery is sure to give you flashbacks of a young Nas. Listening to Joey’s music for the first time will make you feel like 90s hip-hop never died, as he conveys tales of personal struggle through bare-bone drum kicks and disc scratches. Despite having record labels begging at his feet (amongst them Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella Records), he has decided to continue on the independent route with his collaborative affiliate Pro Era.

J Cole

Notable Track: Who Dat

Listening to J.Cole’s self-produced portfolio, you’d be shocked to discover that this young lyricist grew up in the southern state of North Carolina. J. Cole brings fresh delivery and production to the southern hip-hop scene with sounds like no other predecessor. The way he manages to flow through beat breaks and cuts in the track shows that he has a deep understanding for the music he has produced. His dedication to crafting original sounds solidifies his position as one of the most talented emcees in the game.

The Beaches

Notable Track: Loner

It has been some time since an all-girl rock group has grabbed the attention of the general public. The Beaches alternative rock sound is easily compared to that of the Black Keys, with the added twist of having a female vocalist. Driving bass lines, crashing drums, and distorted vocals gives plenty of reasons as to why you should check out their performance this summer at OSHEAGA music festival.


Notable Track: Places

Using bizarre minimalist percussion instruments, xylophones, synthesizers, his voice and nylon guitar arrangements – Shlohmo provides a fresh new sound to the electronic music scene. His organic style is what separates him from most modern DJs. Although many of his instrumental tools are digital, Shlohmo manages to detach himself from these robotic sounds by providing the listener with warm, grassroot arrangements and expressive vocal hooks.

Half Moon Run

Notable Track: Full Circle

Based out of Montreal, Half Moon Run is an exciting new indie rock band that has just recently started to turn some heads. With their debut release Dark Eyes, the band managed to gain traction with their hit single Full Circle; obtaining millions of views overnight. Gentle guitar plucking accompanied by soft vocal arrangements drives their melancholy sound on a path that will undoubtedly generate future success in their genre.

Against Me!

Notable Track: Thrash Unreal

Against Me! has been releasing gritty punk-rock music to the public since 1997 and continues to do so to this day. Having not issued an album since 2010, their recent studio album Transgender Dysphoria Blues has caught some attention. The content of this album deals with issues surrounding gender dysphoria, following the coming out of the singer/songwriter Laura Jane Grace as a transgender woman. Her raspy voice and thundering punk rock guitar style is sure to impress upon their visit to Montreal.

Danny Brown

Notable Track: Grown Up

Wild ratty hair coupled with a missing front tooth – this rapper’s appearance is enough to give you a taste for his music. Danny Brown’s trap hip-hop style delivers nasty, unforgiving lyrics as he articulates stories of his drug usage and unusual sexual escapades. Did I mention he once received oral sex from a woman during a performance in Minneapolis? Be sure to check out Danny Brown this year at OSHEAGA if you want to be a part of one of the unruly performances on the bill.

Oliver Foster


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