The (Friendly) Faces of the EUS

Some EUS Council Representatives and Executives on retreat.

By Jude Habib

Instead of introducing each member and discussing their backgrounds and such, since we are nearly halfway through the year, I am able to introduce them and discuss what they have already been working on this year. Also, please recognize that this is not a definitive list of everything the executives have accomplished this semester, but just a summary relevant to students. Without further ado, meet your execs.

VP AcademicRaphi Zonis

At the beginning of the semester, Raphi allocated this Fall’s EUSF—a fund to help professors better classes—and now is finalizing the Winter EUSF. He has also been working with the Departmental VP Academics to figure out how best to utilize the EUSF surplus from the past few years.

VP Communications Saad Waseem

Saad has been working on upgrading the EUS office and Infosys, so that the spaces are more efficiently used. He advises the EUS committees and notably recruited a new Ledger editor-in-chief to continue the paper. He recently livestreamed the GA, keeps up a prevalent social media presence, and has a beautiful website where you can go and learn more about him, the execs, and the EUS in general (if you want to).

VP External Justin Hunt

Justin came into his position over the summer. He helped create and is still looking to fill a Professional Development Director position. He is currently working with the departmental VP Externals to compile an internship database for students. Justin, Raphi, and Leila met with deans Nicell and Labeau to discuss an academic workload study for during the winter semester.

VP Finance – Alec Thomlinson

Alec has the job of looking over all of the departmental, design team, and clubs budgets, and working with the Board of Governors to approve/modify the allocation of EUS funds. He also oversaw SSF and aided in approving most of what the departments asked for their student spaces.

VP Internal Amara Slaymaker

Amara put together a remarkable Frosh at the beginning of the semester. She also works with ESC and EAC putting on events. Ski trip is January 19th–21st and she is currently planning and promoting E-Week which is from January 9th–13th.

VP Services Kareem Halabi

Kareem has been rethinking the layout of the G-Store, by reintroducing sandwiches (soon), and making improvements to CopiEUS such as a new paint job and adding a new computer. He is also investigating the usage of EUS common areas by going through card reader data given by McGill security in hopes of identifying trends that can be used to their benefit.

VP Student Life Leila Hawa

Leila welcomed a new design teamSpace System Groupand a new clubGame Development Student Society of McGill. She has bought together a representative from each department to join a Mental Health Committee, which is meeting for the first time this week. She just began working with Kareem as they survey the departmental lounges to find out what works best.

President Jessica McAvoy

Jessica helps out with a lot of everything, from helping allocate funding to aiding in the EUS office renovations. She has also been helping implement feminine hygiene products into bathrooms on campus.


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