Get to Know Your Candidates!

By Kelly Ma

As many of you are aware, EUS Elections are well underway. The last day to vote is today, with the option to vote in-person or online via a link delivered to your McGill email address. If you are not familiar with this year’s candidates, here’s a short summary from their platforms, which can be found in full here.

Engineering Senator – Sarim Malik, Uncontested

Sarim is a 2nd year Mechanical student born and raised in Pakistan. While not busy with dynamics’ assignments and Netflix procrastination, he competes on McGill’s Delegations Team in the Model United Nations circuit and serves as VP Internal of McGill’s International Student Network. Sarim hopes to strengthen the voice of the EUS, especially the interests of new departments, like Bioengineering, within the McGill Senate, the Senate Caucus, and the Board of Governors.

Engineering Representative to SSMU – Kelly Ma, Uncontested

Kelly is running for one of the two available SSMU Rep positions, and is currently involved in BUSS (VP Internal Affairs), POWE, EAC, and the Plumber’s Ledger. She hopes to help strengthen the relationship between EUS and SSMU, and focuses on three tiers. She wants to increase Diversity in Engineering, specifically by promoting opportunities for indigenous students, to increase the visibility of SSMU’s Peer Support Centre, and to continue the progress of event inclusivity within the EUS.

VP Academic – Niloufar Serajmehdizadeh and Milind Singh

Niloufar “Nilou” is a U2 Bioengineering student and current President of the Bioengineering Undergraduate Students’ Society (BUSS). Having worked on Graduation Committee and EUS Junior Council, she hopes to use her experiences to improve communications between MESC and SSMU. Nilou wants to implement EPTS 2.0 by introducing 300 and 400 level courses, in addition to explicitly defining student rights so that members of the EUS can file academic complaints successfully.  

Milind is a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering student from Vancouver, BC. He was active in his local community before attending university and wants to be VP Academic to represent the interests of all engineering students at McGill. He considers himself to be a highly cooperative person capable of working efficiently with other team members and has experience representing a large group of students as valedictorian of his high school.

VP Communications – Alexander Hale

Alexander “Alex” is a U2 Computer Engineering student with experience as a webmaster for the EUS IT committee. You can also find him coordinating MERTWinter or serving up ice cream at Frostbite. Alex wants to improve the reliability of EUS communications, including finishing the Handbook in time to be included in Frosh bags. He hopes to better establish recurring workshops and introductory projects to encourage engineering students to partake in the IT committee, as well as holding the EUS accountable for finishing projects (instead of leaving them dry!).  

VP External – James Halliday

James is a U3 Civil Engineer from the small town of Chibougamau in Quebec. With experience participating as an Eng Games delegate, serving as the EUS External Relations Director, and organizing the McGill Engineering Competition (MEC), he hopes to apply the skills he gained to fulfill the duties of VP External. James wants to improve the events and committees under his portfolio and to properly represent the members of the EUS on the local, provincial, and national scale.

VP Internal – Laurent Chenet and Katharine Callahan

Laurent is a 4th year Software Engineering student with experience coordinating Frosh, chiefing MERTW, and organizing E-Week. He hopes to apply the skills he gained as VP Internal of the McGill Quidditch Team to provide inclusive, safe and sustainable events for everyone. In particular, Laurent hopes to work closely with the Engineering Adventure Committee to increase its success and improve EUS Sports to make it a viable alternative to McGill intramurals.

Katharine is a U3 Mechanical Engineer who has been involved with the EUS since U0, including coordinating E-Week and Frosh Leading. She hopes to expand the Engineering Adventure Committee to make dry events more accessible and to attract more participants. Katharine also wishes to add the position of Contingency Coordinator to Frosh, make broomball games available at night, and add a gluten-free cider to the current Blues Pub menu.

VP Student Life – Marion Olivier, Uncontested

Marion is a U1 Materials student, who has been MEUS U0 Rep and is currently the U1 Materials Rep, as well as their equity and mental health coordinator. For clubs and design teams, she would like to improve communication through monthly meetings, and increase accountability to increase advertising and funding efficiency. She also believes that specifically the Mental Health Committee and SEAM deserve to be improved.

President – Tristan Renondin and Alex Scheffel

Tristan is a 4th year Electrical Engineering student, and currently sits on the EUS Board of Governors and is VP Communications of EUS Equity, working closely with EUS Mental Health. Beginning in first year, he was elected President of MORE Houses, then became involved in the EUS through NOBE, became SSMU Rep his third year, and was Orientation Week and Planet E-Week Co-Chief. He would like to apply his experience to, first, the Board of Governors by increasing transparency, and, second, to EUS Equity by expanding their reach, for example by introducing a bursary for EUS students. He also would contribute to the efficiency of the executive committee by collectively working toward shared values, and would like to develop stronger alumni ties.

Alex is a 3rd year Mechanical student, and currently sits on EUS Board of Governors and is VP External of MAME. He plans on prioritizing mending the relationship between EUS and SSMU, as well as other faculties, universities, and CFES, to increase our resource pool and learn from other groups. He also wants to make sure EUS Equity and EUS Mental Health are improved through remodeling and rebranding to further display the positive results of their efforts. His third main platform item is to increase the number of impactful services that the EUS provides so that they are widening their reach and influencing students more commonly and consistently. He looks forward to being able to work alongside the executive team and to increase transparency of EUS operations.


Note that some positions lack a candidate (eg. ½ SSMU Rep positions and VP Services). In the case that no candidate runs for a position, a by-election will be held in March. If you are interested in running for an unfilled position, please email


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