EngGames: Adventuring Outside the McGill Bubble

By Luke Ma

We all know and love the comforts of Schulich 4th or MC10. They’re homely, close, and familiar. But, as the proverbial baby bird is pushed from its nest, we need to explore our surroundings and go further than just St. Denis. This can be daunting when you don’t know anyone or if the city is foreign to you. That’s where EngGames comes in. EngGames began in 1990 at Université Laval as a friendly competition between the big universities in Quebec. In the 27 years since, it has grown to become an event for over 400 men and women to look forward to every holiday season. More than just an amalgam of sports, exams, and drinking, the Games help many students build friendships by engaging them with people they might never have expected to meet in an oddly wholesome environment.

For a school that’s often derided for having a superiority complex, this has been a great way for me to get out, make friends outside of the McGill echo chamber, and learn about other university traditions. While they might not chug as fast as you, they can certainly wipe the floor with you at slap cup. For those who want to expand their musical repertoire, I advise you to start learning some french chants and limericks, such as “Hamelin, Hameliche” or “Mon beau sapin” if you’re feeling the holiday spirit. While it is a week-long commitment every January, you don’t have to commit to the Games right away; we have an event on April 7th at Peel Pub at 6pm, and you can see if you like us. And if you’re just curious, look out for anyone with a Jean vest and an unholy amount of patches, we’d love to tell you more about EngGames.


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