Why I am Planning on Leaving McGill

By Humairaa Tarsoo

The educational system in McGill, in math and engineering, does not adequately train a student for a high-end profession in business consulting.

There is such a strong focus on passing engineering courses that engineering students typically do not, or cannot, opt for general interest courses, which I feel are important for self-development and a complete education. In addition, scholarship consideration is limited to students obtaining a certain minimum number of engineering credits, limiting those students who excel academically but are interested in taking non-engineering courses such as public speaking and financial analytics, which are important in both their professional and personal lives.

These limitations in themselves are problematic for me. I am opting for a career in business consulting after following company info sessions and workshops from McKinsey, BCG and Deloitte Consulting, and after getting a feel for the field through my past internships. Consequently, I wish to perfect my soft skills, including communication (written and oral) and the ability to work with, and coordinate, interdisciplinary teams.

There are other academic alternatives at McGill but none fit my goals perfectly. I wish for an academic community, which is present in the math department, but not in the engineering faculty at McGill; however, I dislike the lack of extra-curricular involvement of Math majors in McGill’s science faculty. The last alternative, switching to a BCom in Math would put me in a more involved faculty but would restrict my ability to go for a graduate-level degree in Math, an option that I do not wish to relinquish.


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