EUS Common Room: New and Improved

By Arman Izadi

What lurks beneath the floors of the EUS office? In the dark decrepit corners of McConnell basement, there lies a fantastic secret, allowed only to students of the Engineering Faculty. Behind the great wooden double doors of MC 030 lies the Engineering Common Room.

Mistakenly called “Blues Pub” due to the namesake event being held there, the Common Room has been an EUS space for decades — ever since the changes to EUS Space were negotiated with McGill and the then-EUS Common Room became the now-EUS Office and the now-EUS Common Room begun to be rented out by the EUS.


For years this fantastic space has seen a wide variety of use. The first being bi-weekly EUS Councils, where all elected representatives of students in different departments and years, their respective presidents, as well as other representatives like the SSMU, Design Team and Clubs rep, and the EUS Senator meet to discuss the betterment of student life in engineering.

Of course, one cannot forget the weekly Blues Pubs held every Friday. Run by different EUS groups or departments each week, Blues Pub is completely organized by student volunteers and is one of the oldest running on-campus student bars.

However, all engineering students and groups will at some point venture down to the Common Room for various other events like meetings, socials, therapy dog sessions or even for the first time at their graduation semester to take their grad photos.


Due to this heavy use and endearment to the hearts of engineers, the Board of Governor’s paired with the EUS VP Services underwent a major renovation project of the Common Room space over the summer. Initial plans had been drawn up at EUS Council the semester before and there was much policy and paperwork to be done before action took place. Eventually the space was painted, the AV repaired, and a new furniture project was implemented.


The new and improved Common Room Social Room is designed to be a study space for all functionalities. There is a large wooden group work table at the chalkboard for group project meetings or groups study. Surrounding the room are various brand new couches that promise maximum comfiness and cushion for a relaxed study atmosphere, paired with dual function benches/coffee tables. Against the western wall there are individual work tables featuring lamps that support wireless charging and usb ports for wired charging!


All of these new initiatives and upgrades are made for the betterment of student life and to promote the use of that space throughout the week and not just Blues Pub. Fridays are fun and all, but there are 6 more days in the week! When the space isn’t booked ( , it is almost a perfect, well kept study spot!

So tell all your friends, use it yourself, and enjoy!


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