Robert Forestell Elected EUS President

After a month of nominations, campaigning, debating, and voting, the elected executives of the Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University (EUS) for the 2014-15 academic year have been announced.
Current VP Academic of the McGill Association of Mechanical Engineers (MAME) Robert Forestell has been elected as the successor to Carlos Marin as President of the EUS. Forestell earned fifty-five percent of the votes. Patrick Laserre, President of the Civil Engineering Undergraduate Society (CEUS), received forty percent of the votes. Five percent of the voters abstained from voting.
Forestell based his platform on maintaining the long-term planning initiatives that the EUS2020 committee is working on as well as strengthening relations with the Faculty of Engineering and SSMU. Furthermore, he expressed his desire to support sustainability through academic initiatives such as sponsored Design Projects.

In the other contested position, current Frostbite Manager Justin Dalrymple earned forty-five percent of the votes to become the next VP Services. Candidate Dean Di Giorgio received twenty-two percent of the votes and the current President of Promoting Opportunities for Women in Engineering (POWE) Lian Al Bardaweel earned twenty-six percent of the vote.

Dalrymple’s success was based on his combination of experience in the Services portfolio and his plans to increase student consultation in order to improve the portfolio.

The uncontested candidates were all ratified with comfortable margins.

Alex Grant, a tutor in the Engineering Peer Tutoring Service and an active member in the organizing committees of many initiatives of the academic portfolio this year, earned seventy-nine percent of the vote of confidence to become the successor of Andrea Gideon as VP Academic.

External Relations Coordinator of the latest edition of the McGill Engineering Competition Robyn Conway was ratified for the VP Clubs & Admin position with the highest number of votes among all candidates for all positions, with eighty-four percent approval and 559 votes in favour.

The new VP Communications will be Ashkaan Mohtashami, who earned eighty-two percent approval. His involvement with the EUS is highlighted by his tenure as Coordinator in the most recent E-Week and as an active member of the Plumber’s Station. Higher relevance for the Plumber’s Station and a restructuring of the Communications portfolio were the foundation of his platform.
Former VP Finance and U3 Representative of the Co-Op Mining Engineering Undergraduate Society, and active member of McGill’s Engineering Games team, Marc-Olivier Granger earned eighty-one percent of the votes in his run for VP External. His platform was based on taking a more active role at both the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) and the Quebec Confederation for Engineering Student Outreach (QCESO). Granger’s plan for doing so was to present bids for major events of both bodies, such as the Quebec Engineering Competition or the Conference on Diversity in Engineering (formerly known as the National Conference on Women in Engineering, NCWiE).

A Coordinator at both O-Week and E-Week this year, Justin Beaveridge comfortably won the confidence vote to become the next VP Internal of the EUS with eighty-one percent of the vote.
In addition to the Executive positions, the ballot also included the vote for the two Engineering Representatives to the SSMU Legislative Council. Scott Conrad, a first-year student with experience in the Inter-Residence Council, and incumbent Anikke Rioux won the two seats with thirty-four and fifty-four percent of the votes respectively.

The only executive position that remains to be filled is that of the VP Finance, through a Selection Committee that will be held in mid-March. The result of this selection committee will be then announced to the public by Friday March 21st.

Luis Pombo


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