VPs…VPs Everywhere: EUS Executives Profiles

By Kenji Marshall

The EUS. The Empathetic Ursine Sasquatch? The Engineering Undergraduate Society? One of those.

While being the biggest and best student society, its inner workings are perpetually obscure to the average McGill Engineer, and so the Ledger is here to clear some of the fog. Annually, in the first issue of The Plumber’s Ledger, we profile the EUS executives, and this year is no different. While maybe you’ve heard the name “Yiming Sun” in the hallways of McConnell, you may not have heard the specifics of being VP Finance. While you may frequent Copi-EUS and Frostbite, Austin L’Ecuyer, who organizes it all, may not be as familiar. You get weekly e-mails from Alex Hale, but who is the man behind The Pipeline? All this and more in the 2018 Edition of our EUS Executives Profiles. Enjoy!



Alex Scheffel: President
Department: Mechanical

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

What does the EUS President do?
First off, I make sure that the other 7 EUS Executives are doing alright and have what they need to get their jobs done. Along with that, I liaise with faculty, oversee elections, and deal with a variety of matters pertaining to equity. A whole lot of meetings!

What should we be on the lookout for you to accomplish this year?
One of my over-arching goals is to have an EUS that is full of people that are happy and engaged. Whether it be the Executive Committee, EUS Council, or any Regular Member within the EUS, I want people to be excited about what’s going on around them. Also, yearly transfer of knowledge can always use a boost.

What’s your favorite service, club, or activity that the EUS organizes?
I’ll give a little shout-out to The Cube with this answer. The occasionally-forgotten service that’s hidden away by the atrium. The people working there do a great job providing a unique service that too many students aren’t aware exists!

One piece of advice for McGill engineers?
Find something you love about McGill Engineering and jump right into it. Whether it be a design team, a club, an activity, or a variety of other things, get involved with it. There really is something for everyone, and while it can take a few attempts to find the right thing, your university experience is about so much more than just going to class and studying. Enjoy yourselves!



Laurent Chenet: VP Internal

Department: Software

Hometown: Born in Paris, France. Raised in Houston, Texas.

What does the VP Internal do?
I oversee 9 committees that are the social life of the EUS. Between Frosh, Blues Pub, E-Week, MERTW, MERTWinter, ESC, EAC, EUS Sports, and Ski Trip, I try to make sure that every EUS member can go enjoy themselves at all manner of events!

What should we be on the lookout for you to accomplish this year?
As many VP Internals before me, I will be trying to make sure that every event run by me or a committee I oversee is as safe and fun as possible. This means ensuring that there is enough variety in EUS events that can entice each and every person in the EUS, regardless of background or commitment.

What’s your favorite service, club, or activity that the EUS organizes?
I’m a big fan of the G-Store where I work a few hours a week since it’s the best service BY FAR, objectively, without bias. E-Week would have to be my favorite activity since no other time of year has such an intense concentration of loud, proud, spirited folks at McGill.

One piece of advice for McGill engineers?
I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I highly encourage you to step a bit out of your comfort zone and get involved in anything the EUS has to offer. You’ll meet lifelong friends here, and have unforgettable experiences



James Halladay: VP External

Department: Civil

Hometown: Chibougamau, Quebec

What does the VP External do?
I represent the EUS to the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) and the Quebec Confederation of Engineering Students (QCESO) for student advocacy. I also create bonds with other schools to facilitate inter-school communication, and develop ideas for initiatives that can be introduced into our school.
I’m also in charge of selecting McGill delegates to the Conference on Diversity in Engineering (CDE) , Congress, and new to this year, the Conference on Sustainability in Engineering (CSE). I also oversee two committees, the McGill Engineering Competition (MEC) Organizing Committee, and the Engineering Games Committee.

What should we be on the lookout for you to accomplish this year?
In this term you should lookout for more information on how to get involved within the external activities and committees such as the CFES and QCESO. Also look out for students sharing their Conference experience in the Ledger or other forms of student communication.

What’s your favorite service, club, or activity that the EUS organizes?
I am biased on this, but I am a very big fan of MEC. Having chaired the organizing committee last year, I think it is a great outlet to grow as an engineering and put your skills to the test in many different ways. Also qualifying to go to the Quebec Engineering Competition through MEC is a terrific experience!

One piece of advice for McGill engineers?
Make the most of your engineering degree here at McGill by getting involved, whether it be a club, design team, committee or just attending competitions or events. It’s a great place to learn outside the classroom and we’re fortunate to have so many outlets students can excel in, and improve as an engineer and individual. If you need information about the different opportunities available to you feel free to send us the execs an email or stop by the EUS office to chat.



Marion Oliver: VP Student Life

Department: Materials

Hometown: Montreal? Toronto? Who knows!

What does the VP Student Life do?
My portfolio involves overseeing clubs, design teams, Junior Council, SEAM, Grad Comm, Mental Health initiatives, and council. Day-to-day basis, that mostly looks like supporting my committee chairs and helping EUS Groups access or create the resources they need. The position of Student Life is still new and evolving, so I also spend a lot of time on writing policy and developing new initiatives, often in collaboration with council members who have great ideas.

What should we be on the lookout for you to accomplish this year?
Lots of policy-driven initiatives (like downsizing council) coming out of the new constitution, and the total restructuring of the mental health portfolio to better benefit students!

What’s your favorite service, club, or activity that the EUS organizes?
I’m gonna be real and say it’s a tie between Frostbite and council….

One piece of advice for McGill engineers?
Not to plug my own portfolio, but get involved! There are dozens of EUS Groups, be it clubs, design teams, committees, or departmental societies, so chances are there’s something out there for you… and if there isn’t, I can help you create it!



Alex Hale: VP Communications

Department: Computer

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

What does the VP Communications do?
I’m responsible for all of the EUS’ internal and external lines of communication. To achieve this, I have two Directors and five large committees under my portfolio. Internal communication comprises our internal Google accounts, our digital signage on campus, and the Pipeline newsletter. External communication involves our online presence (websites and the EUSwiki), our printed publications (the Faucet, the Ledger, and the Handbook), our creative outlets (Plumber’s Student Design and The Plumber’s Station), and our company branding.

What should we be on the lookout for you to accomplish this year?
My focus is on increasing the efficiency and professionalism of the committees under my portfolio. The IT Committee, which has grown enormously since last year, is making great strides to improve our aging infrastructure. Our servers have migrated to the cloud, our websites are being overhauled, and the EUSwiki has exploded into a reliable resource. The Plumber’s Faucet is outputting issues on a regular schedule, and they’ve started the Faucet’s Tap (a free comedy show, Thursdays in the Common Room!). The Plumber’s Station has also grown, and they’ll be working on some new creative pieces. I’m working on an EUS-wide photography contract to reduce our rates, the Pipeline submission process has been streamlined, and I’m constantly looking to solidify the EUS brand.

What’s your favorite service, club, or activity that the EUS organizes?
EUS Sports! I need to stay fit to stay sane, but the Engineering schedule doesn’t leave much free time. I love that I can run out to Lower Field for an hour to play sports with a group of friends who have the same attitude.

One piece of advice for McGill engineers?
Do something outside of Engineering. As much as the EUS has to offer, there’s lots to be found outside of this bubble! Venture away from the east side of campus and see what the rest of McGill and Montreal have to offer.



Austin L’Ecuyer: VP Services

Department: Mechanical

Hometown: Huntingdon, Quebec

What does the VP Services do?
I oversee all of the services and spaces under the EUS. This includes Frostbite, The G-Store, Copi-EUS and the Cube. For spaces I am in charge of access management of the common room, Infosys, the committee room and MEDN. When there are problems with any service or space I work really hard to find a solution.

What should we be on the lookout for you to accomplish this year?
A centralized bookings system for everything the EUS has to offer and the smooth running of all the services!

What’s your favorite service, club, or activity that the EUS organizes?
I love all the services equally! My favorite event is Open Air Pub, I have been involved with it for a really long time now and I truly love it. With that being said, E-Week has a special place in my heart as it is how I got involved in the first place.

One piece of advice for McGill engineers?
When you are faced with new challenges or opportunities, do not be afraid of not knowing enough or not being experienced enough. Engineers have a special way of figuring things out and you shouldn’t limit yourself due to a lack of confidence



Yiming Sun: VP Finance

Department: Chemical Engineering

Hometown: Taiyuan, China and Montreal yep 2 homes babyy

What does the VP Finance do?
Chief financial officer of EUS, responsible for all financial manner of the corporation, tactical planning of the EUS operation budget to ensure financial sustainability, maintaining and exploring corporate relationships.

What should we be on the lookout for you to accomplish this year?
Update the old financial procedures of EUS (a lot have been done already!) and streamline financial inquiries

What’s your favorite service, club, or activity that the EUS organizes?
I don’t really a favorite one, because they are all amazing. I can say that I benefited the most from NOBE and TechFair, they got me that sweet, sweet job 😉 I also can say that, EPTS (Engineering Peer Tutoring Service) really offers a lot of value to the first-year students. Being an EPTS tutor for the past 2 years, I have seen countless first year students succeeding in their classes because of this service.

One piece of advice for McGill engineers?
Get involved; work hard but also play hard!
Niloufar Seraj: VP Academic

Department: Bioengineering

Hometown: Tehran, Iran

What does the VP Academic do?
As VP academic, I am the liaison between the EUS and the faculty by sitting in multiple faculty meetings as student representative. I manage two academic funds: the Engineering Support Fund and the Equipment Fund. The three subcommittees under my portfolio are: TechWeek, TechFair, and EPTS (Engineering Peer Tutoring Service). Lastly, I am responsible for all educational and curricular concerns of the EUS members.

What should we be on the lookout for you to accomplish this year?
This year, I am working towards opening the academic funds to all EUS members (not only professors), creating a centralized platform for filing academic complaints for all EUS members, and introducing more tutors and higher level courses to the EPTS.

What’s your favorite service, club, or activity that the EUS organizes?
FROSTBITE is my guilty pleasure/addiction.

One piece of advice for McGill engineers?
Try and find your balance between classes, extracurricular, free time, and take it one day at a time. We are all in this together. <3


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