McGill Artificial Intelligence Society

By Dafne Culha

The McGill Artificial Intelligence society is a student-run society which strives to unite all those interested in AI by organizing various events. Founded in 2017, it is now the largest AI Society of North America. It’s an amazing opportunity for student-mediated understanding and experiencing with the hottest idea in tech right now. I’ve been lucky enough to get involved in some of the amazing events they have been organizing.


Design Projects


The society leads 12 different design projects within different difficulty levels, focused exclusively on various fields of machine learning such as visual perception, reinforcement learning, and probabilistic planning. I take part in one of their projects (A Dog Breed Classifier) and I am beyond excited to be working with a team to build a classifier which will be able to predict the breed of a dog when given a picture as an input! Working on the project will hopefully provide a better understanding of image classification, computer vision, machine learning and programming as a whole.


Machine Learning Workshops


They also run bi-weekly workshops to help out beginner-programmers (like myself) by sharing their knowledge on the field. The first workshop was an introduction to machine learning and the machine learning process followed by an interactive coding experience using Jupyter Notebook. The second one was about data pre-processing. They have been an awesome intro to machine learning for me and I am looking forward to the next 3 workshops coming this fall term, and everything to come in the winter term that will expand my knowledge.


Implement AI Hackathon


Implement AI is a 24-hour hackathon which took place in September focused exclusively on artificial intelligence and its creative applications. It is a great opportunity to build a project out of AI and to meet other AI enthusiasts. And of course, to top it all off, they offer free food and merch!


Other Events


Keep an eye on all the other interesting events they will be organizing this year:


Tech talks with Google Learn how Google integrates AI into their products and what new and cool research is underway directly from engineers working on Google’s Machine Intelligence systems.

Company crawls –  Visit the hottest AI companies in Montreal where the stops consist of office tours, presentations, workshops, networking and food!


AI Socials – Meet other fellow AI Enthusiasts!


Overall, the AI Society provides relevant technical knowledge, and a wider appreciation for artificial intelligence to any of its members, and I’ve really enjoyed my time so far. I hope more people will take advantage of this incredible society; there’s definitely an event they’re organizing that you will be glad to attend if you’re an AI enthusiast!