E-WEEK 2019 and My Experience in the ECSESS E-Week Team

by Dafne Culha


As you may or may not have noticed, E-Week definitely happened! After months of hard work, the E-Week Committee members made the first week of school full of hype, warm BEvERages and low class attendance.


E-Week this year was between January 8-12, and the theme was SPACE! It was my first E-Week and I was a part of my own department’s team, ECSESS, which is also the biggest team. However, even though ECSESS has the highest amount of participants, I still had the chance to be very involved and participate in a lot of events.


Let’s take a quick look at five of my favourite events!


  1. The Legend of 3-MAN:


Honestly, I had no idea what this event was when I arrived at the venue and the only reason I decided to go was because my friends told me I shouldn’t miss it. I also saw a lot of memes about this event in the E-Week participants group so I was really curious about what it was. After the event, to be entirely honest, I still have no idea what was happening. But as far as I can remember, it involves 2 giant dice, chanting, and many liters of beverages. It fun yet wholesome, and it was my favourite E-Week event!




According to EUS Wiki, “boat races are likely the most popular competition hosted at McGill. It is a drinking game played between two teams of equal size, where they compete in speed and cleanliness.” ECSESS was missing girls in its boat race team this year because of some unfortunate events (ie. graduation), so I trained to become one of the chuggers, got my chug time from 10 seconds to 3 seconds in 2 weeks, spelt SUCCESS and made it in the ECSESS boat race team! However, we couldn’t spell success in the actual races and lost against mech in the 2nd round.


  1. Running the Pub Crawl


As always, ECSESS was missing people to do an event and apparently I am the easiest person to convince, so I agreed to join the running pub crawl team. We competed to complete the crawl in the shortest time while also doing a scavenger hunt where each complete item reduces the time. I love crawls and I am absolutely IN LOVE with scavenger hunts so I enjoyed this a lot. It was definitely much more tiring than the walking team and I was really out of shape so I couldn’t feel my legs the next day, but it was still really worth it. It was full of adrenaline and so much more fun than the walking team. I loved it so much and want to do it again next year!


4.Century Club


Everyone’s favourite event where tables get broken and the floor is 10 centimeters deep in beer… Need I say more?


  1. Peak Engineering: Design Competitions


As engineers, we are creative; we design and build things! E-Week design competitions are when our degrees come to good use. This year’s design competitions were to transform an RC car into a robot-killing machine, designing a weapon of mass consumption through which the most amount of liquid can be consumed in the shortest period of time, and building a chariot with which a person can be carried from Roddick gates to Milton gates. As ECSESS, we were so excited when we found out about the battlebot competition because our degrees are highly relevant to robotics, and this is what ECSE 211 prepared us for. Sadly we lost the design competitions too.



I really had a fun time. I saw so many of my friends who I hadn’t seen in ages, and I met so many new people too! I already can’t wait for E-Week 2020.



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