Positives Of Residence Life

By Yash Khapre

Personally, rez life was an incredible experience to remember. There were several ups and downs, but overall it was really enjoyable. Initially, it was really tough as no one knew each other and, for many, including myself, it was a nerve-racking time: new school, new city, new environment. However, after a few days of getting to know as many people as I could, both in my faculty and in my residence, that initial feeling of uncertainty disappeared, and over the course of the year, I made some amazing memories.

I was in La Citadelle, but other residences allow for similar experiences. Here are  the reasons why I think living in rez is helpful for your first year:

1. When you first come to university, especially if you’re not from Montreal, diving straight into signing a lease and living on your own doesn’t have the same upsides as living in rez does:

Almost all residences are close to campus, meaning you won’t have to walk for more than 15 minutes to any of your classes.

You meet a lot more people in rez because you will be living in close quarters with hundreds of students for 10 months.

There are resources available to you through the floor fellows that you might find really useful.

The transition from home life to living in an apartment by yourself is tougher than you think. Living in rez provides a good middle ground, giving you your freedom and independence while still providing you with some security and helpful resources.

2. The friends I made in Rez helped me out during challenging times like the infamous Montreal winter by constantly making life entertaining in some way or another. I personally had never lived through a winter like Montreal’s, and I was finding it hard to enjoy my time in Montreal during the winter months. However, my friends and I found activities that made the winter less mundane, and I began to appreciate the winter season much more.

3. If you’re in a residence other than Solin Hall, there is a mandatory meal plan that is assigned to you. The meal plan is quite expensive, but for your first year here in McGill, the meal plan is helpful for you to get accustomed to life as a student without too much stress. Most kids finish their meal plan in their first year, but even if you don’t, your remaining meal plan cash rolls over to the next year!

4. In rez, you’ll get  to meet people from literally all parts of the world. These interactions will give you interesting insights on different cultures and allow you to learn more about the world.

Overall, living in rez  is a great way to start your first year atMcGill. The comfort you get along with  the ability to get to know new people very easily allows for a smooth transition into the next few years of your university life at McGill.