Meet Your EUS Execs

By EUS Executives

As you take your first steps into the university, you will start to hear about the EUS, the Engineering Undergraduate Society that oversees events, opportunities outside of McGill, design teams and much more. At the start of every year, a tradition of the Ledger is to provide you with an in-depth description of the EUS and its positions, so that you can better understand their responsibilities and know who to reach out to when you start your engineering degree. To know more about your EUS executives, here is the 2019 edition of the EUS Executives Profiles.

Niloufar Seraj – President

President Position

My name is Nilou, a fourth-year bioengineering student, and I am thrilled to be your EUS President for the 2019-2020 academic year. As your president, I am the official spokesperson for the EUS, am responsible for matters pertaining to equity within the EUS and oversee the EUS elections and the 8 amazing individuals who create the EUS executive committee.

Interesting Fact

I was born in France, grew up in Iran, and have been living in Canada since 2010. I love to play the piano (been playing since I was 7), go to brunch, read books and master my chocolate cake recipe.

Plans for the current year

This year, I hope to continue working on the long-term plans of the EUS along with our Board of Governors. I also want to work towards creating a more direct line of communication between the EUS and the alumni and increase involvement within the EUS. If you want to learn more about my portfolio, want to learn about the EUS, or have a specific project you would like to work on, don’t hesitate to contact me or drop by the EUS office. We are always here for you!

Spencer Handfield – VP Internal

VP Internal Position

Hey everyone! I’m Spencer, this year’s VP Internal, and I’m in charge of  all things social and event-oriented, full of dynamic committees and exciting experiences. My primary responsibility over the summer has been to organize one of our biggest events: Frosh. Throughout the year, from Blues to E-Week, along with MERTW, EAC, ESC, EUS Sports, Ski Trip and of course Banquets, I try to ensure that you, your friends and our whole community’s time at school extends beyond the 4 walls of a classroom (since there is definitely no shortage in that regard)!

Interesting Fact

Good things come in threes, and so maybe a few interesting things about me would be that I’ve visited every Canadian province, I’m related to JFK and I use the term “wah” in actual conversation.

Plans for the current year

This year, my focus lies heavily on optimizing and continually improving many of our beloved events, while always injecting the engineering spirit into them. Most importantly, I’m working on expanding the safety policies that surround and support those events such that everyone can experience and enjoy them to their fullest at all times.

Florence Diep – VP External

VP External Position

Simply put, my role is to introduce resources and opportunities outside of McGill into the engineering community, such as conferences, competitions, and student or professional socials. The skills that students can acquire at such events are public speaking, networking, problem-solving, and many more that academics can’t necessarily teach. There’s so much to learn within the EUS, and even more outside!

Interesting Fact

I don’t speak Vietnamese well at all, but I can definitely teach you how to say phở like a pro! I also don’t take my lactose intolerance seriously at all, so please feel free to call me out.

Plans for the current year

I really want to promote the external portfolio within the EUS as I believe that many aren’t aware of how beneficial it is to step outside of one’s bubble; a tiny step can go a long way! This year, I plan on increasing its value, as well as creating a stronger connection between the external and sponsorship heads of EUS groups.

Gareth Price – VP Student Life

VP Student Life Position

As VP student Life, my role is supporting the many EUS groups I oversee like Junior Council, Graduation Committee, clubs, design teams, and many more. My job is making sure that these groups can spend less time worrying about managing bureaucratic duties and more time on doing their amazing work. I’m also in charge of organizing EUS council, the main decision making body of the EUS.

Interesting Fact

As a kid, I was a competative flower arranger (yes, it’s real thing) and won more than a few competitions in my region.

Plans for the current year

This year, I plan to work with my committees and directors to help support the EUS be the best it can be! I’ve already begun working on project ranging from an EUS sustainability project in collaboration with SEAM and improving first-year engagement within the EUS with JC and Nilou, the EUS president. I hope the focus on these project going forward, but my primary goal will always be to empower those in my portfolio to achieve their goals to improve the engineering undergraduate experience.

Jude Habib – VP Communications

VP Communications Position

Hi! My name is Jude Habib, and I am a fourth year Electrical Engineering student from Newburyport, Massachusetts. As your VP Communications, you will hear from me weekly in your email inbox, in the Pipeline. Also, I oversee all communications involving the EUS, as well as three directors and five large committees. There are many involvement opportunities under my portfolio for writers: Faucet and Ledger (satirical and non-satirical); creatives: psd and TPS (design and videography); or techies: Wiki, Webmasters, TeN and Server Admin.

Interesting Fact

I have never broken a bone (knock on wood).

This year, I hope to continue the immense growth and increase the organizational internal management of these committees. Also, the Publications Director and Creative Director have exciting projects in the works that should be unveiled by the end of the year. Always feel free to swing by the office and chat with me if you want to learn more about any involvement within the EUS, or check out the Job Board!

Fariha Hassan – VP Services

VP Services Position

Welcome to the EUS! My name is Fariha Hassan and I am entering my last year in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Operations Management. I cannot be more thrilled to be your VP Services for the 2019-2020 academic year.

The EUS VP Services’ position revolves around overseeing the services of the EUS. If you are having a bad day, you can go to Frostbite for some ice cream or the G-Store for drinks, chocolate, coffee and more. Need to print posters, reports or class notes at an affordable price? You can head on to Copi-EUS. Lastly, one of the coolest services we offer is the Cube: our 3D printing service. My position also maintains and improves EUS spaces including but not limited to the EUS Common Room, where Blues Pub happens, every Friday from 4 to 9 PM.

Interesting Fact

Every little fun fact about me can be found on my desk in Room 7 (EUS Office) in the form of a green ceramic mug I painted myself: I am obsessed with the Habs, coffee, chocolate, basketball, the color green and involvement in engineering. Stop by anytime to come see it!

Plans for the current year

The EUS has a lot to offer and my priority this year is to ensure the students know all about the resources we offer by creating a more efficient room and equipment rental booking system. Moreover, I am making plans to improve the spaces we currently have such as the Games Room and the Committee Room. Lastly, I believe my most important job is to be there for the managers of our services, the amazing people who handle the day to day operations. If there is anything else you would like me to focus on this year, please shoot me a message! Can’t wait to meet you all!

Thomas Hillyer – VP Finance

VP Finance Position

The VP Finance oversees the day to day finances of the EUS, including all of your cash, cheque reqs, deposits, and the operational budget. I am a U4 Computer engineer, and along with the Funds Director, I also handle the four funds we have (Clubs, Design Team, Student Space, and Departmental Trips). This year, we brought back the position of Corporate Relations Director to help out all the various sponsorship roles. The third director that reports to me is the Finance Director who helps groups with budgeting, and yapsody.

Interesting Fact

I was born and lived in London, UK for 9 years and can pronounce the Welsh word Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, which is nowhere near where my family is from.

Plans for the current year

My overarching plan this year is to bring more technology into this position to ease some of our more outdated procedures and to save future VP Finance’s time to work on other projects!

Abtin Ameri – VP Academic

VP Academic Position

Hello! My name is Abtin, and I’ll be the EUS VP Academic for the upcoming school year! As VP Academic, I am the link between you and the faculty of Engineering, and the go-to person for anything related to academics. In addition to representing the engineering undergraduate population in faculty meetings, I manage the academic funds, namely the Engineering Undergraduate Support Fund (EUSF) and the Engineering Undergraduate Equipment Fund. Finally, I oversee the Engineering Peer Tutoring Service (EPTS), TechWeek and TechFair.

Interesting fact

I’ll probably beat you in a Go-Kart race 🙂

Plans for the current year

During my term, I’ll be working on restructuring the EUSF to make it more efficient, as well as pushing the faculty towards making lecture recordings available for more courses.