Career Planning Service

By Grace Yu

Career Planning Service, more commonly known as CaPS at McGill, offers various opportunities and resources for both undergraduate and graduate students to plan their future. Whether you are looking for an internship, applying for jobs, or just want to see what your future career possibilities are , CaPS can help you out! The following sections of the CaPS website are great resources for engineering students to explore.

Get to Know Yourself

     CaPS offers many tools for you to find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. As you open the page on CaPS and scroll down to the Self-Assessment section, you will see detailed questions that will guide you through a reflection on your own experiences and skills. You may think that all the questions and readings are redundant, since you obviously know yourself and what you’ve done. However, when you are writing a high-quality resume, this reflection process may just come in handy to remember all of those amazing things you’ve accomplished!

CV and Cover Letter

   Your resume or CV is your golden ticket when attending careers fairs. Once you have a good resume, you do not have to update your information for months while applying to various positions until your next job experience comes to an end.  If you don’t think you have any valuable experience to put on your resume, then the handbook listed on the CaPS website is just what you need to check out! If you want to be more confident about your CV, then just go and book an appointment for CV drop-in in CaPs, and experienced CV reviewers will help you out!

Free but Helpful Workshops

   There is no way you can miss the great workshops offered by CaPs. These workshops range from teaching  job research skills to teaching about interview strategies.  Don’t forget to reserve your spot for workshops on MyFuture (log into McGill MyFuture with your McGill account). On there, you will find information about the CaPS workshops.

A Bunch of Programs 

   In the “Services and Programs” section, you can see the list goes on and on… Of course there is no need for you to know each one of them, but the following three programs may answer many of your questions in regards to getting either a full time or a part time job! The LinkedIn program is specialized in helping you create your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account yet, then consider this as a great resource for you! The Career Fair program will update you on all the information you will need to attend a career fair such as the most popular one in Engineering, the Tech Fair. Also, Mentor programs will pair you up with a McGill alumni who is actually working in the industry of your interest!

   There is still much to explore under CaPS and if you make good use of the available resources, then there is no reason  to be confused about your future! However, you have just arrived at McGill, so don’t be overwhelmed by all the information! Take your time to explore around and these next few years at McGill will be a wonderful journey.