FB @ McGill 101 : Intro To Facebook Groups At McGill

By Amine Mallek

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering of McGill University. You’ve worked hard to get here, congratulations! This orientation week will introduce you to your new friends and your new home, the McGill community. But let me introduce you to McGill … on Facebook. As a freshman, chances are you’re already aware of the McGill University Entering Class of 2019-2020 group as well as your McGill residence group. If you’re not, you can search them up and easily join!

First, the biggest McGill group is the McGill community group and includes more than 64k members. This community group is the best place to get started. It contains a lot of sub-groups, a lot of them similar to forums which can be useful to answer any sort of questions you may have. The free and for sale group is also one that I would recommend you join if you want to buy items for your room in rez or textbooks for your courses. It will also be the ideal place to post about items you want to sell at the end of the year (such as textbooks). Later this year, once you start your apartment hunting, the Housing group will also come in handy.

While I have to admit some of the groups will only be useful to you on an occasional basis , such as the McGill easy classes for electives (engineering students don’t have a lot of electives), some of the groups that will start forming within the first week of classes will be very useful for you, particularly the groups related to your courses. During my 1st year of college, groups for classes like MATH 133, PHYS142 and MATH262 helped me a lot. If you want to form a study group right from the very first week, that might be one of the best places  to find study partners! However, going to class and socializing, of course, are the best ways of finding people to connect and study with. 

Since McGill isn’t all about academia, there are a lot of extracurricular activities and clubs you can take part in! You can attend Activities Night (check out the article by Imane Chafi in this issue!). If you discover that you want to be part of a certain club, your club will most likely also have a Facebook group! Or maybe  you don’t want to get involved in school activities and activities but would like to play your favorite sport or game from time to time, you can always find someone to play tennis with using the McGill Tennis Club or if you’re a chess amateur, feel free to join the McGill Students’ Chess Club (just as a few examples!). And finally, if you’re an aspiring meme writer, all I can advise is you go check the McGill Angsty Memes Group.

While Facebook can make your life easier by facilitating access to information, it is by no means mandatory. A lot of people enjoy their journeys at McGill and succeed without even having an account so if that’s you, don’t worry! Newsletters will inform you about events and important information and apps like iMessage or Whatsapp are great for keeping in touch with friends and being part of study groups .

Enjoy frosh and have a great freshman year!



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