Engineering Life Outside Of Engineering

By Sharon Kattar

As you learn a lot at McGill and grow as a person alongside with your peers, both academically and socially, there is one outstanding point that will come to mind when you think back on your student-engineer days : engineering is so much more than attending lectures. Engineering is all about being in a group. It means coming together and working on that one assignment you have to hand in as a team; so what happens when you’re on the wrong team?

The number one way to avoid being on the wrong team is finding your people. You need to navigate through the chaos that is engineering and find your niche! And there is no better way to do that than by joining a committee/club/design team. The options are extensive, and I truly believe they are all great ways to find people who share your interests and may be motivated by the same things as you.

Some great committees at McGill include: Blues Pub Committee, where you can help serve beer (with a servers license) to your tired peers, Engineering Peer Tutoring Services (EPTS), where you can help your peers nail their midterms, and many more.

A few rocking clubs include: Promoting Opportunities for Women in Engineering (POWE), where you can come together to help bring opportunities for minorities in engineering, along with the National Society for Black Engineers (NSBE), and Queer Engineer (QE).

Design teams are a great way to apply what you learn in class: Bridge Building, Concrete Canoe, Robotics, and the Rocket Team to name a few (check out the article Design Teams at McGill by Aymar Muhikira in this issue).

Departmental societies provide a voice for you and your fellow peers: Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering Student Society (ECSESS), Civil Engineering Undergraduate Society, etc. Essentially one for every engineering department.

Lastly, a fun way to make a few bucks on campus while still mingling with your peers is to work at one of the many services hosted by the engineering departments! Work at Frostbite to set a good playlist in the EUS mall and serve two-dollar ice cream on toonie Tuesdays! Or work at the General Store (or G-Store) to help fuel fellow McGillians with caffeine before their morning classes.

To find all the engineering undergraduate society (EUS) groups you can join, go to and learn more. There is something for everyone.