Plumber’s Student Design : Art For Students, By Students

By Imane Chafi

Plumber’s Student Design is a student-led design committee that creates artistic and graphic design projects to promote ingenuity and creativity within the McGill engineering community. If you like to paint, design or draw, and you want to take part in large-scale projects to add colour to your school, the Plumber’s Student Design committee is for you. We design and plan artistic landscapes like the murals you see around school, the graphic logos of many design teams and event branding. This club was created as a creative outlet for engineering students that want to follow their artistic pursuits during the school year, or simply have a break from the interminable exams, labs and projects. Here is a list of projects that the psd plans on accomplishing with students this year.


The murals project started over the summer as a way to bring some color to the engineering building walls surrounding our classrooms. Every day, passing in the hallways, it always felt as though something was missing, as though a great part of the engineering principle was simply forgotten. Design, art and creativity, not just analytics, science and physics, are the building blocks of the profession, and we wanted to remind it to the people passing by. After multiple design ideas, the psd chose some prime locations to start designing murals over, such as the common room and the McConnell Engineering hallway. Considering that the McConnell Engineering hallway is a landmark walked through by most of the student body, we knew that this project needed to be both engaging and inspiring.

We wanted to promote something that is very important to our eyes : the incredible accomplishments of the many powerful women in scientific fields. The project Women in STEM murals was created. This mural will be a technological prowess of the women pioneers that paved the way to a greater humanity with their inventions, scientific discoveries and theories. Projectors will light-up artistic and realistic rendering of these women surrounded by objects of their respective scientific fields’ background, such as a forest filled with growing vines and animals for Jane Goodall and a star-filled universe with flying space shuttles for Julie Payette. Next to the projectors, illuminated plaques with the names and descriptions of the women’s achievements will appear, educating students on the triumph and feats that helped craft the world we see today. As this endeavor needs much planning and careful crafting, the psd will be working over the year on the creation of the mural’s artistic rendering and on the software linked to the projectors.

Artistic End-of-Year Showcase

Throughout the year, the psd will host painting session, t-shirt designing workshops and drawing tutorials to promote creativity in engineering. Those sessions will be open to all, and will be linked to the end-of-year showcase we plan to organize for students. If you’re an inspiring artist, or if you simply like to let your creativity flow over paper with pastel colors, the psd will promote all the artistic creations made during these sessions and any other artistic projects made by engineering students during this showcase.    

You can join the psd by sending an email to the chairs to become a designer at