Corolis – An Online Covid-19 Tester

By Imane Chafi

I hope you are safe and well during these uncertain times. In light of the pandemic, I’ve been working on finding a way to help people get tested for COVID-19, as some people might not have access to doctors or testing facilities easily and would greatly benefit from a first-hand diagnosis if they have COVID-19 symptoms.

To help limit the spread of the virus, I ended up making an online tester that works with a simple form and asks you questions anonymously about your symptoms to provide you with the best course of action. The app also shows you a map at the end that tells you how many have tested positive on this test around your region. The application can be found on, and you can easily try it out such as to get more information about what are the symptoms that occur from this virus, and also how you can help protect others and yourself from spreading it.

The most important part of the survey is listed in bold at the end of the test, which is to stay home and avoid touching others, as well as washing your hands regularly. Stay safe everyone, and let’s not lose hope, we’ll get through this!

Example of the online test

Map of possible COVID_19 cases in your area based on the test