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The Ledger’s Official Eastern Mountain Roundup

The Ledger’s Official Eastern Mountain Roundup

Rather than stand idly by and let the snow outside keep you inside, the Ledger wants to help get you out of a snuggie and into a snow suit, just in time for the best part of the ski and snowboard season. Montréal happens to be smack dab in east coast ski country. So, whether

Do We Need to Demilitarize McGill? An Interview with Demilitarize McGill

Earlier this semester Demilitarize McGill approached the Plumber’s Ledger, looking to reach out to McGill’s engineering community. So, we sat down and had a little chat about what Demilitarize is, research ethics, stickering, their desire to involve engineering students, and more. Plumber’s Ledger: What is Demilitarize McGill? Demilitarize McGill: We’re a group of students, past