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The Myth of Sisyphus the Engineer: Reflections on “Futile and Hopeless Labour”

By Brian St-Luchon Around this time of year, as the semester approaches its bitter climax, all McGill students inevitably share in some way in the most natural of McGill feelings: that certain and inescapable mix of desperation, listlessness, and lack of motivation we each know all too well. Outside the sun is shining, and we

Ringing in the New Year with E-Week: A Unique Perspective

By Fariha Hassan   A lot of you might have noticed a different vibe in the engineering buildings after coming back from your well-deserved break. You can almost feel the excitement, the adrenaline, the tension and the hype radiating off some of our engineering students. If you have seen students wearing different coloured Pirate of

The Marvellous Belgian Beer Pipeline

By Nick Brunt Considering the international attention directed towards it in the past few months, the entrance of Bruges’ Halve Maan (Half Moon) Brewery is inconspicuous enough. Situated on a leafy square in the south of the city’s medieval centre, the only outward sign of its location is hardly imposing: only a modest placard marks

McGill hosts Canadian Engineering Competition

The 2016 edition of the Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC) took place from March 3-6 2016 in Montreal QC, and was organized by the Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University. This event, widely regarded as one of the nation’s most prestigious Engineering competitions, annually gathers over 160 of the best and brightest Engineering students from Universities