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EUS Common Room: New and Improved

By Arman Izadi What lurks beneath the floors of the EUS office? In the dark decrepit corners of McConnell basement, there lies a fantastic secret, allowed only to students of the Engineering Faculty. Behind the great wooden double doors of MC 030 lies the Engineering Common Room. Mistakenly called “Blues Pub” due to the namesake

VPs…VPs Everywhere: EUS Executives Profiles

By Kenji Marshall The EUS. The Empathetic Ursine Sasquatch? The Engineering Undergraduate Society? One of those. While being the biggest and best student society, its inner workings are perpetually obscure to the average McGill Engineer, and so the Ledger is here to clear some of the fog. Annually, in the first issue of The Plumber’s

EUS Debates in Review

By Arman Izadi If you didn’t get the chance to attend the EUS Executive Committee Debates that happened this past Thursday, fret not! The Ledger had a chance to go and summarize some crucial points of the candidates responses. As the uncontested positions mainly consisted of their platforms, we skipped them, but read our condensed versions

Profiles in Engineering: Mitch Dumont

By Arman Izadi The Ledger is back with another profile of involved engineers! This week we sat down with Mitch Dumont, a U4 Electrical Engineering student who has been extensively involved within the EUS, holding many positions and coordinating events such as Frosh and E-Week.   Ledger: So what made you get involved in the

Alcohol in Engineering

By Jude Habib Recently, one of the most intensely debated topics in the EUS has been alcohol and its role in the EUS. The Ledger asked a varied group of EUS constituents to provide their opinions on the drinking culture within engineering, and here you can find their full responses. This conversation has been sparked by

What happens when Canadian engineering students come together

By Arman Izadi   To most people reading this article, the acronym CFES will mean absolutely nothing. While, in engineering, there is an inhumane amount of acronyms, pay attention to this one: the Canadian Federation for Engineering Students. In simpler terms, the CFES allows unity and solidarity between the majority of engineering undergraduate student societies

The (Friendly) Faces of the EUS

Some EUS Council Representatives and Executives on retreat. By Jude Habib Instead of introducing each member and discussing their backgrounds and such, since we are nearly halfway through the year, I am able to introduce them and discuss what they have already been working on this year. Also, please recognize that this is not a

The EUS is a-Changing

By Jude Habib On Wednesday, November 8th, 2017, 101 students were recorded to be present inside McConnell 204, marking the start of the first General Assembly in modern EUS history. Depending on who you ask, it’s been any where from 15 to 25 years since the last GA, which makes this occasion quite special. So