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In a Galaxy Far Far Away…

by Frederick Chagnon The holidays are generally synonymous with a few things: the stress of finals, the relief of having no more finals, more food than you have seen in 4 months, and of course Star Wars. What else are you going to do with all this free time if not binging on the adventures

Grown Ups

by Frederick Chagnon “None of this makes any sense” Chanell kept thinking. Just a few hours ago, she was taking the bus home after yet another terrible party filled with drunk bros and casual racism. Now, she’s walking barefoot in a strange forest following an orange humanoid monkey calling itself Puck. “Where are we going


by Frederick Chagnon It’s 1:37 a.m. The party around me is loud. Too loud for my taste. I feel the semi-regular beat in my chest, but I have no desire to dance. There are too many people for the size of the apartment. I didn’t want to go, but my roommates convinced me to come.


by Frederick Chagnon It’s 1:37am. There’s a party in the apartment below. The semi-regular beat of the music is keeping awake. I hear them talking and laughing and generally having a great time. I hate them. I am laying down in the darkness of my room. The apartment is empty. My roommates left for a

3005 Part VIII: Eclipse

By Frederick Chagnon Calvin Baker’s Apartment, New Daedalia. 19h23 Calvin, Elva and Walt were sitting in the detective’s apartment along with a few good officers of the NDPD. Heavy rain and wind were hitting the windows with severity, indicative of the strength of the storm outside. Stretched over the kitchen table was an extensive map

3005 Part VII: A Baptism In blood

By Frederick Chagnon Calvin Baker’s Apartment, New Daedalia. It was still dark outside and the rain had begun to hit the windows of Calvin’s lodging. Following their narrow escape from Lee-Sun Chen’s charity gala and still dressed with their fancy clothes, Calvin and Elva were facing each other at the small kitchen table, a lukewarm

3005 Part VI: Fancy Attire!

By Frederick Chagnon Crazy Salmon Factory, Combs, New Daedalia Red lights were flashing. Alarms were ringing. Footsteps were approaching. No exits in sight. Unless they found something quick, Walt and Calvin would soon discover what was on the other side. “What do we do?” nervously asked Walt. “Now? Now we run,” replied the detective. Walt

3005 Part V: The Storm

By Frederick Chagnon Crazy Salmon Factory, Combs, New Daedalia. Detective Calvin Baker’s car was silently hovering above the peaceful-looking factory. Only the Moon’s diffused light was piercing through the clouds. A storm was coming; they could feel it in the thick air. After Elva’s revelations about the organisation they were facing , Calvin and Walt

3005 Part IV: Dreams bleed into Nightmares

By Frederick Chagnon Previously: dragons, blood, suns. Everywhere they turn, Calvin and Walt find those symbols. If the organisation remains a mystery, the duo has acquired a sample of the new lethal drug, and with it hope to understand what they’re fighting against. Whereas the South Side was modern and built inside a natural bowl,

3005 Part III: Blood Dragons

Previously, Calvin, Walt, and Elva discovered the ugly truth that a mysterious gang is attempting to bring organised crime back into the City. Their weapon of choice: a new powerful experimental drug that is starting to spread. They don’t know anything this enigmatic group, except that they appear to like drawing dragons. Combs, New Daedalia