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Commentary: De-Demilitarizing McGill

Not many groups have divided the McGill student body like Demilitarize McGill has done so far. The group has voiced their concerns that McGill has taken military research too far through military collaborations. This article criticizing DM’s actions was spurred by the events of Remembrance Day 2014 where we felt that the group organized a

NBA Season Preview

Bored of soccer’s theatrics? Or of hockey’s obnoxious staged fights? Or maybe even of football’s stop-start nature and showmanship? The answer is basketball with the start of what promises to be another thrilling NBA season just around the corner. After a summer of blockbuster trades, big free agent signings and coaching changes left, right and

UEFA Champions League Preview

Soon it will all be back. The music that makes the hair on the back of our necks stand up as the players equally excited, focused, and petrified make their ways onto the pitch each clutching to the hand of an overwhelmed child. That anxiousness you feel before your favourite team takes on the pitch.

Hockey is Canada’s Game

Russia might have finished top of the medal count after hosting the hugely controversial and expensive 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic games. However, President Putin could not hide his disappointment and disgust while witnessing Russia’s men ice hockey team limp towards a quarter-final exit against a well-drilled yet unfancied Finland side in the Bolshoy Ice Dome.

A Tale of Two UnderDog(e)s

The tale of the underdog has always had a special place in sporting history. Regardless of where you are from, sports provide an equal platform where athletes are judged purely on their skills, physical prowess, and mental sharpness. This sets the stage for the beloved underdogs to capture our hearts by exceeding everyone’s expectations. One

What to expect from Team Canada at Sochi

During the second week of February, hockey fans will take a break from their regular NHL routines and look forward to the Olympics in Sochi. Forget the controversy, security problems and financial corruption worries surrounding the 2014 edition of the Winter Olympics; every sports fan in Canada will be looking forward to hopefully seeing Team

NBA Season Preview

As we look forward to the start of a new NBA season, we can also reflect on an eventful summer of transactions and signings. The summer of 2013 had it all: rumors of relocations, changes in ownership and coaching staffs, player transactions, and a surprising if unspectacular draft. Let’s take a look at the major