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Album Review: Son Little — New Magic

By Jude Habib Son Little is the stage name of Aaron Livingston, an artist who has collaborated with the likes of The Roots, Mavis Staples, and Portugal.The.Man. He has two released albums: Son Little LP, and New Magic, which was released in 2017. Here are my thoughts on New Magic: The album starts with the

The Soul Album: A Review

By Jude Habib Some days I’ll look up an old artist, a favorite or one I haven’t listened to enough, and listen chronologically through their albums, each as if it was a newly released album. I love doing this because rather than seeing these artists as the “legends” they are now, I get to see

Peer Mental Health Support

By Jude Habib, with consultation from EUS Mental Health Committee   Content warning: Suicide   Available Resources: McGill Engineering Student Center (MESC) McGill Mental Health Hub McGill Health & Counseling Services Peer Support Center NightLine Ami Quebec MyInvolvement posts Crisis Intervention Workshops   As I write this, I am in Trottier petting therapy dogs at

The (Friendly) Faces of the EUS

Some EUS Council Representatives and Executives on retreat. By Jude Habib Instead of introducing each member and discussing their backgrounds and such, since we are nearly halfway through the year, I am able to introduce them and discuss what they have already been working on this year. Also, please recognize that this is not a

The EUS is a-Changing

By Jude Habib On Wednesday, November 8th, 2017, 101 students were recorded to be present inside McConnell 204, marking the start of the first General Assembly in modern EUS history. Depending on who you ask, it’s been any where from 15 to 25 years since the last GA, which makes this occasion quite special. So