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Demistifying Military-Funded Research

Demistifying Military-Funded Research

On October 22nd, 2014, SSMU held a General Assembly where the society discussed, among others, its stance on climate change, governmental austerity measures, and harmful military research. As a result of the SSMU GA, a motion passed regarding the “support of a campus free from harmful military technology development”. Though vague, this motion has created

EUS & Faculty of Engineering Present a Forum on Diversity & Inclusivity in Engineering

On Thursday October 9th, the EUS and Faculty of Engineering welcomed all students to participate in a forum on diversity and inclusivity in engineering. Being a part of engineering’s female minority, I thought to myself: “Well, I should probably go to that… and at the very least, I’m sure there will be food.” Not only

McGill E-Trips: Colloquial Madness

Thanks to significant financial support from the civil and mechanical engineering departments and the dedicated work of the student executives, the Civil Engineering Undergraduate Society (CEUS) and the McGill Association of Mechanical Engineers (MAME) are able to offer their students an unforgettable weekend trip to various cities in eastern Canada. These weekend trips have been