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Should Engineers pay less than Arts students?

Should Engineers pay less than Arts students?

Engineers are a proud bunch. However, it’s easy to mistake pride for arrogance and this may lead students in other faculties to believe that engineers think they are better than everyone else. To be honest I don’t blame them. After all, we have no shortage of contempt for other majors and in particular arts students.

McGill Engineers donate $24,000 to President’s Choice Children’s Charity

On the penultimate day of the EUS’s signature event, the OAP managers presented a cheque for $24,000 to support the PC choice children’s charity. The money, raised from the profits of the two-day OAP lite event last April will go to support childhood nutrition programs and children with special needs. Serge Gauthier, who works for PCCC,

A Tale of Two UnderDog(e)s

The tale of the underdog has always had a special place in sporting history. Regardless of where you are from, sports provide an equal platform where athletes are judged purely on their skills, physical prowess, and mental sharpness. This sets the stage for the beloved underdogs to capture our hearts by exceeding everyone’s expectations. One