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Summertime ’15

By the time September begins, a few important things will have occurred in the life of the McGill engineer. The football team will have proven once again that inventing something doesn’t mean you’re good at it (actually for the first time in 15 years, McGill won their season opener). For better or worse, Frosh will

Commentary: De-Demilitarizing McGill

Not many groups have divided the McGill student body like Demilitarize McGill has done so far. The group has voiced their concerns that McGill has taken military research too far through military collaborations. This article criticizing DM’s actions was spurred by the events of Remembrance Day 2014 where we felt that the group organized a

Montreal students innovating solar housing

In a recent talk at TEDxOrangeCoast, Solar Decathlon Director Richard King asserted: “Solar is the energy you live by. […] Think about the energy you use around your house. Can solar provide all that?” Solar Decathlon is an international competition initiated by the U.S. Department of Energy, in which teams of university students compete to

Do You Want Sustainability With That Curriculum?

On Tuesday, October 7th, EUS VP Academic Alex Grant hosted the first faculty-wide academic forum to discuss the issue of sustainability in engineering education at McGill. The event, which grouped over 35 students from different departments in the faculty, aimed to brainstorm technical, department-specific sustainability topics to be integrated into the curriculum. Student groups were

Smartwatches are Scary

The Pebble smartwatch may have been around for a while, but it is only with the release of Android Wear last summer, and more recently the Apple Watch, that the smartwatch is really starting to pick up steam. With Apple entering the wearable market, smartwatches have gone from being a techy “niche” gadget to something

Bioengineering at McGill: What you need to know about McGill’s next Engineering Program

Since it was founded in 2012, the Department of Bioengineering has been working tirelessly on instating its own undergraduate program. While we may not see it just yet, it is slowly advancing through numerous academic and administrative requirements and will eventually see the light of day. As Bioengineering becomes more present, a quick tour of

What is Google doing with Hardware?

On January 13th, Google shocked the tech world by announcing that it would be purchasing Nest Labs for a staggering $ 3.2 billion. This makes Nest Google’s second most expensive company purchase to date, after the acquisition of Motorola Mobility in 2011 ($ 12.5 billion). Nest Labs is the company behind the Nest Learning Thermostat,

Redefining the Gaming Console

On November 15th, Sony finally launched its next generation PlayStation 4 console. Within just 24 hours, it had already sold about 1 million devices; greatly surpassing the PS3’s launch numbers. Microsoft’s new Xbox One is also went on sale shortly after, on November 22nd specifically, just one week following Sony’s PS4 release. These two devices,

Recipe to Better Image Quality

Since the advent of digital cameras, manufacturers have used megapixel count as a marketing spec to “quantify” the quality of the images their device could take. Quickly enough, a high number of pixels was associated in consumers’ minds with better images. Even in smartphones, every device upgrade would entail a rise in the camera megapixel

The Age of Wearable Tech

We can see it coming; as technology gets more and more personal, with apps and services to control most aspects of our daily life, manufacturers are trying to find ways to make accessing information even more convenient than checking our smartphone or tablet. Although Bluetooth headsets did not get the success initially expected, mostly due