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Design Spotlight: McGill Aero

By Celia Hameury Aerospace is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and significant fields of engineering. While McGill may not yet have an engineering bachelors dedicated to aerospace engineering alone, it does have McGill AERO, an innovative design team composed of over 60 members, which unites undergraduate students of all disciplines sharing the passion for


By Kelly Ma Indigenous perspectives in STEM? Indigenous engineers? Indigineering? These terms may sound awkward and unusual for the typical engineering student at McGill, but they form a part of a broader problem that affects our faculty. McGill University, like many top-tier schools in Canada, lacks diversity in the makeup our student population. While 29.4%

Why I am Planning on Leaving McGill

By Humairaa Tarsoo The educational system in McGill, in math and engineering, does not adequately train a student for a high-end profession in business consulting. There is such a strong focus on passing engineering courses that engineering students typically do not, or cannot, opt for general interest courses, which I feel are important for self-development

Electronic Dance Music

By Kelly Ma Trashy EDM music is always a crowd-pleaser once in a while. Between Despacito and Everytime We Touch, the lonely student “DJ” sitting on their laptop streaming Spotify will insert a song by the Chainsmokers to spice up the playlist. But this year, POWE, EUS Equity, and Materials have teamed up to render

Ringing in the New Year with E-Week: A Unique Perspective

By Fariha Hassan   A lot of you might have noticed a different vibe in the engineering buildings after coming back from your well-deserved break. You can almost feel the excitement, the adrenaline, the tension and the hype radiating off some of our engineering students. If you have seen students wearing different coloured Pirate of

The Better Semester

By Jacob Owen Sawyer   A new year has begun, and with it an entirely new semester. After an all-too-brief winter break, classes have inevitably started once again. Syllabi have been read and ignored, and the first samosas of a new term have been sold. While many may have mixed feelings about the start of

Students compete in McGill Engineering Competition

By Nick Brunt   The 17th annual McGill Engineering Competition (MEC) was held the weekend of November 4-6 in the Lorne M. Trottier Building. This year’s edition of the interdisciplinary engineering event saw 122 students competing in seven categories over the course of the weekend, each with its own rules and guidelines designed to test