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Ringing in the New Year with E-Week: A Unique Perspective

By Fariha Hassan   A lot of you might have noticed a different vibe in the engineering buildings after coming back from your well-deserved break. You can almost feel the excitement, the adrenaline, the tension and the hype radiating off some of our engineering students. If you have seen students wearing different coloured Pirate of

Students compete in McGill Engineering Competition

By Nick Brunt   The 17th annual McGill Engineering Competition (MEC) was held the weekend of November 4-6 in the Lorne M. Trottier Building. This year’s edition of the interdisciplinary engineering event saw 122 students competing in seven categories over the course of the weekend, each with its own rules and guidelines designed to test

McGill Engineering Design Teams 2016-17

By Fariha Hassan   McGill Engineering has always had a great reputation when it comes to learning all the theoretical aspects of engineering. However, engineering is not meant to be only learned in the classroom behind a desk. Aside from laboratory components in some of our courses, you might be wondering where you could get

Remembrance Day 2016

By Nick Brunt   The morning of November 11, 1918 began like any other in the trenches of the Great War. Their long lines of sandbags and barbed wire, cut like wounds at the edges of the bare, earthen battlefields of Europe, lay quiet save for the distant sound of firing artillery. The previous four

EUS Executive Profiles 2016-17

By Fariha Hassan Welcome (back) everyone! It’s the start of a new academic year at the Faculty of Engineering, and everyone can feel the hustle and bustle in the McConnell Engineering building: EUS Mall is back in business, some of the most exciting events of the year are rolling in and our tutoring services are

Bring Your Own Juice Brings the Laughs

Everybody likes to laugh on occasion, even uptight McGill students. McGill is known internationally as a serious academic institution, whose research areas include oncology, architecture, and mind control, to name a few. As I discovered at a preview for Bring Your Own Juice (BYOJ), if you look deeper into these topics, you can find comedy

Concrete Canoes Coming to McGill

This spring, McGill University has the distinction of hosting the alliteratively-named Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition (CNCCC). This prestigious annual event brings together students from all over the country, from civil engineers in training to those simply interested in concrete as a building material. From May 13-15, these competitors will converge on Montreal to put

McGill hosts Canadian Engineering Competition

The 2016 edition of the Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC) took place from March 3-6 2016 in Montreal QC, and was organized by the Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University. This event, widely regarded as one of the nation’s most prestigious Engineering competitions, annually gathers over 160 of the best and brightest Engineering students from Universities

The Search for the Origins of the Plumber (Terminated) Part III (OF III): The War to End All Wars and Also This Article Series

by Daniel Gelaf What evidence we’ve thus far uncovered about the peculiarly (but not exclusively) McGillian moniker “The Plumbers” has included determining an etymological origin (plumber’s bob, not plumber’s crack, although textual evidence shows that the two meanings ambiguously referenced in the nickname were almost immediately conflated and the true original denotation quickly forgotten) as


by Daniel Gelaf In our last installment, our investigation made a few significant inroads into the meaning and possible origin of the quaint and curiously (mostly) McGill-specific nickname “The Plumbers” for the engineers. It was discovered that the term began as a moniker for the science students in toto, before narrowing in scope as the